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Hardcore Droid:

"Of all the things I hate about Bad Hotel, at the very top of that list is sound design. Forgive me. Calling it a “sound design” is an insult to designers, and an even greater insult to sound. This tower defense game rewards you for defending your base by pumping an endless series of high-pitched electronic blips into your delicate, darling little ears until they bleed—nay! Gush—as though Bad Hotel were Lucy Liu and your eardrums that Japanese dude from Kill Bill who just got beheaded. It’s hard for me to actually describe the audio without immediately getting worked up into a fury (I’ve been listening to a detox of Now That’s What I Call Drops of Rain Gently Hitting My Window! 5 for the past two weeks), but if you can imagine a House Music intro with deep car alarm influences, that’s a pretty good approximation."

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