Precursors - New Screens

Precursors, developed by Boiling Point's Deep Shadow, is a sci-fi action game that leads you into unexplored regions of space, where he can fly with huge battle ships from planet to planet. Via WorthPlaying.

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Trekster_Gamer3719d ago

I wonder if they have put a release date out yet for it. It looks fun...

FCOLitsjustagame3719d ago

Yeah we dont really have any games like this. Mass effect is the closest I can think of right now.

By using the term precursors it reminds me of Star Command (I think that was the game). You would pick a race and fly around to planets and then get into space battles and expand your territory. At somepoint you explored the precursors and found out they were all wiped out by an alien race that ate sentience. You had to build a sentience well to have the aliens move on (though I could be getting two different games confused).

In any case, it would be nice to do a little galactic exploration so I hope this game turns out well and is released soon.