PC Gaming Community Delivers - GTA V Mod For GTA IV Keeps Getting Better

DSOGaming writes: "Even though Rockstar has not revealed anything yet about GTA V PC, a team of dedicated modders has been recreating Lost Santos in GTA IV."

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wannabe gamer1462d ago

wow this is extremely well done. if you didnt tell me it was a mod i would think it was really GTA V. I cant imagine the time it took to do this considering how it seems to capture so much detail. very good work

GentlemenRUs1462d ago

Currently on HOLD at the moment, I just hope R* don't shut this down...

Grave1462d ago

I am a huge Rockstar fan, but they have really pissed me off with their silence on the PC version of GTA V. It feels like that with each day that passes GTA V inches closer to being in the Red Dead Redemption (PC) category. Why wouldn't you want to get your PC fans hyped for your biggest game ever?!?

PersonMan1462d ago

The lighting still doesn't look as good as GTA V.

Plagasx1462d ago

Yea, the lighting in GTA V is absolutely stunning. Rockstar really rung every last drop from the consoles.