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19 Things We Want to See in GTA 6

Chillopedia: Grand Theft Auto V has been regarded as the pinnacle of the 7th generation video gaming consoles. Even though it brought with it many incredible features never before seen in the series, such as 3 different protagonists, a wide array of new gameplay situations and different types of heists, we feel that even more awesomeness can be done in GTA 6. In fact, Rockstar themselves claimed to have 45 years of ideas left! (Culture)

GamerXD  +   649d ago
20. Carl Johnson
b163o1  +   649d ago
All I want is a fresh setting, NY, MIA, and LA are outdated IMO. I want to see it set in a new region, take it back to London, start up a new city R*
Agent2009  +   649d ago
GTA series are all about "americana", said by Dan Houser himself, so not a chance for anything outside of US & A.

All I personally want is a change in style. Before the 2nd trailer of GTA V was published, I always wanted it to be more like Refn's Drive instead of a typical "loud" blockbuster movie. Just make it more serious, more artistic, darker and deeper, but not as bland as GTA IV. Guess not a chance for that too, since that's just not like Rockstar Games likes to do it.

But that's okay, R* has plenty of other fantastic series I actually like even more than GTA (at least currently). Red Dead, for example.
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b163o1  +   649d ago

I didn't know that, I'd figured since the series started in London it'll make its way back to London. Kind of narrows down what city they may try to mimic next. I can only think of Chicago, Atlanta, and Seattle IMO
Yi-Long  +   649d ago
I want to see that cool bullet-cam/kill-cam, which is so awesome in Sniper Elite v2.

Imagine that in a GTA game, and not just for bullets and not just for sniping, but also when you smack someone in the head with a pipe, or cut someone to pieces with a chain saw, etc etc.
andyjt  +   649d ago
Great list, the Levelution and the destruction of Buildings is a major thing I would love to see.
Also, I want a lot more open places, being able to break down doors and break into houses etc to rob them.
And of course, being able to rob a bank outside of missions!
Erudito87  +   649d ago
It would be nice if 6 was back in london
lolCHILLbro  +   649d ago
GTA6 needs to go back to normal multiplayer and forget about this "pretending to be an MMO but not really an MMO so we can get away with rippin you off with microtransactions" stuff
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lagli  +   649d ago
All of the above suggestions are great... I would also add simple stuff such as: Driving the car from the interior, manual transmission, mini story/campaign related to "having a job" idea such as joining the military, be a commercial pilot, be an engineer and invent things... More simple stuff like a good farming experience (buy a farm, buy tools, cultivate, buy animals, sell your products, etc...). What else can u suggest???
psman012  +   649d ago
A game like that would be brilliant, but that is not GTA style. They have always been over the top, I think people would get bored of some of that stuff fast (especially the everyday GTA player, not that there's anything wrong with them).
barb_wire  +   649d ago
Bit early for GTA 6 rumors isn't it?

I wouldn't expect a GTA 6 to drop until 2017 maybe even 2018.
Acquiescence  +   649d ago
I'll tell you what I want to see in VI...
Trevor Phillips and Michael de Santa, back in the saddle.
Jyndal  +   649d ago
Here's an idea: Why don't we let the cash cow sit for awhile and go back to a few of the other R* titles.

L.A. Noire 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
Max Payne 4

Along with maybe a new title or 2.
Just my take.
KonsoruMasuta  +   649d ago
L.A Noire was developed by Team Bondi. It was only published by Rockstar.
psman012  +   649d ago
Rockstar should take it over. That was such a fantastic and unique game, I loved it. Only big problem; no replay value.

I would love a new Red Dead. That game was just absolutely fantastic. Oh, and let's not forget about Bully or Agent, if that's even in development.
b163o1  +   649d ago
LA Norie was such a let down, besides the facial expressions. Agent is the only thing I want to here from R*. GTA is starting to lose its appeal IMO
mutantgorillaface  +   649d ago
I believe that Take-Two (Rockstar's parent company) owns the rights to L.A. noire now. They, apparently, see it as a very valuable potential franchise and if a sequel gets made; Rockstar will more than likely handle it. And, yeah, L.A. Noire was primarily developed by Team Bondi but Rockstar's Leeds, North and San Diego studios did help them out and put work in on it, which is pretty obvious because their fingerprints are all over it.
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FlyingFoxy  +   649d ago
I hated Liberty City, stories is decent but GTA 3 was a bit boring compared to VC and SA. In 3 all the vehicles reached top speed almost instantly. VC was funny, SA was best because of the freedom.

All city is boring, they should do at least 50/50 on countryside and city space.

San Andreas online MP mod wouldn't still be popular if it was all boring city.
AceBlazer13  +   649d ago
Vegas baby.
Make as much buildings as you can able for entry
House and car purchasing as usual.
Matt666  +   649d ago
they should do what they did in GTA:SA and be able to travel to SA, San ferrio and Los Vanturous
mutantgorillaface  +   649d ago
Yeah, I've been thinking that would be a good idea for a while now. Maybe being able to run casinos and/or pull casino heists, Ocean's Eleven style. Not to mention the possibility of Area 51...err Area 69 being involved in some way. There's a lot of possibilities with Vegas. I was thinking maybe 1970s, openly mob-run Vegas.
EL Lanf  +   649d ago
I couldn't really care less about most of things on the list. I mean warships, really? Isn't the game centered around stealing cars at its core? Not many of them out in the blue sea.

I'd rather see them work on spicing up their core game mechanics. I never felt the shooting was particularly solid and the melee system is pretty basic. It might even be worth doing what almost every other open-world sandbox does these days and make the character more mobile in terms of their ability to climb etc.
Fz6soldier  +   648d ago
This list is stupid. really, children and 9/11? that's what's missing for the author? how about bring back jetpacks?
MikesIkes1  +   641d ago
Overall Gta V was a great game, just needed better vehicles. In GTAVI I hope to see it take place in Detroit since Detroit is one if the worst cities you can go to. I hope to see more, planes being interactive... And that you can fly to different cities. Also, I hope to see a dyke female..
InstagrammyAwards  +   641d ago
I personally think that GTA VI should be like GTA V, but possibly around Chicago (?) and have more vehicles. They should have a sandbox version added to the online choices, so you can do anything you want, everything is free, and then the GTA V Online version. They should have a make your own protagonist and base the voice off of your character. Something they should do which we can all agree on is adding a choice to join a server with people around your rank, or a server full of random ranks like GTA Online is already is.

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