Amazon Deals of The Day : 2-15

Here are the deals of the day for Amazon on Saturday. Batman Arkham City for Wii U is $40 off on top of other deals for consoles/portables.

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Rockefellow1395d ago

Besides the fact that BlogSpot sources are not allowed on N4G, it's pretty poor form to advertise TxS Vita when it'll be free on Vita this month for Plus members.

Arkham City Wii U has hit 10-$12 plenty of times by now, but I'd someone who wants it hasn't grabbed it yet, that's really their own fault at this point.

SWayne1395d ago

Didn't even realize about the TxS on Vita for free pn Plus, took that down so thanks for that.

harrisk9541395d ago

Lightning deal on PSN this today... Lego Marvel Superheroes for $30.00.