Titanfall’s Beta Codes will continue to be sent

Titanfall’s Beta Codes will continue to be sent in waves this weekend.

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greenyboi809d ago

Pc code anyone ?? Spare going here !!

Alexious809d ago

You have a PC spare code? I have a friend who would like it for sure.

greenyboi809d ago

Sorry it went to the first pm !! Maybe able to get another tomorrow

TomShoe809d ago

Ugh, slow as hell laptop can't handle it.

Time to move downstairs.

erathaol809d ago

Hope I get a PC code before the cut off date (Feb 17)

jessicalop26809d ago

For those who need Beta Key for Titanfall i got a list of 300 Keys , you can download it right here (Hurry)


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filipakos809d ago

still waiting for pc beta key too :)

3-4-5809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

Wait you have a spare?

Still waiting for mine. PC

alien626809d ago

i have a xbox1 code when i apply for PC :L anyone want to trade?

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MichaelLito79809d ago

I would love a code for my Xbox One I signed on first day.

4logpc809d ago

If anyone has an extra xbone prepared to do favors...

cellmember809d ago

I would like a spare pc one.

capo367808d ago

If you still got it, ill take it.

TheFallenAngel809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

I got two codes for xbone. I got one yesterday and another today on the same email.

loulou809d ago

I sent you a pm please please please lol

RyanHopkins420809d ago

Can you send me the extra? Dying to play the beta!!