Killzone: Shadow Fall Valentine’s Weekend

Guerrila Games treated us with another Killzone: Shadow Fall special weekend, this time themed around Valentine’s Day.

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hulk_bash19871562d ago

Love the MP on this game, just so many countless hours of fun.

emad-E-three1562d ago

Me too im so in love with the multiplayer :D
The best Killzone MP so far and the best FPS for me, really appreciate GG for doing it like that, well done by them!

XANDEO1562d ago

Lost 50+ hours on the multiplayer , love it and im not usally a fan of multiplayer shooters.

HaveAsandwich1562d ago

i got it recently for $25, and have put maybe 20 hours into the mp. the more i play, the more i like. still learning the maps a bit.

Pascalini1562d ago ShowReplies(4)
Gamer-401562d ago

Killzone: Boring Fall.

For a low price will be issued in Europe a lot, great disappointment. Nice, but nothing more.

DavidMacDougall1562d ago

I got it for 20 bucks and i really like it, mp and sp there both fun

Gamer-401562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

My Country 20.00 EUR, there are many PS4 owner, cheap sells KZSF. Playing BF or CoD.

I know, many disagree. But this is the truth. Do you like it or not.

Omran1562d ago

try harder next time :)

MrDead1562d ago

It’s a game for the older crowd, you best stay away KZ:SF isn't a game for children(I just looked at your comment history and from what I’ve read I assume you’re a child), kids do find it boring.

Valentine’s weekend sounds good, I shall give the Torrid Turret Affair a blast.

Gamer-401562d ago

It is true, not a good English knowledge MrDead, but I play more than 30 years, this game nice, but very boring FPS game.

BF/CoD/Halo/Rage/maybe Titanfall easy to eats KZSF.

Best KZ. Second.

mike32UK1562d ago

All I took from your comment is that your English is abysmal

dantesparda1562d ago

@ 40 year old gamer

English bro, English, and that's some sad a$$ trolling, try harder

Gamer-401562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I hate zionist (English) to speak a language bro. Sorry, but i like games, and hate blind fanboy's.

Try harder bro. Look. Your majority darkness than the night. It's the truth bro.

dantesparda1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Lol, you're good for a laugh man, thank you, "bro"

and p.s. then dont speak the "zionist" English then, "bro". What are you Muslim?

Kos-Mos1562d ago

Be careful saying ANYTHING negative about a Sony game on this site.
Btw I own all Playstation console. How will the kids respond to that? "Eehhheh....but...ehh.fu. ..ehh..."
Like that?

Geekman1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Oh, EXCELLENT pun. You sir are the next George Lopez. You'll be like that, watcha: Super Mario Boring World. Need for Boredom: Rivals. Boringza 5. Borings Creed 4: Boring Flag.

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Geekman1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Killzone and Valentines day. Yeah, those mix.