Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend for Premium Members

Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend is starting this weekend (15th and 16th of February) for all Premium Members.

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Jack_Reacher1560d ago

So what about those that bought this game and not the premium. It f*cks me of so much that they think nothing of the people who paid money out as it is. Where is our perks. Money grabbing bastards.

AdmiralSnake1560d ago

Your perk is the game you paid for.........Premium members paid extra for benefits such as this...

pompombrum1560d ago

Or in Battlefield 4's case with most of the buyers, the beta you paid for.

Detoxx1560d ago

Get premium, get all DLC for less + perks like this and stop crying.

Detoxx1560d ago

Why not give us the double XP on February 18th, when Second Assault releases.