Nidhogg Post-Mortem Review | RGN

Jon of RGN writes, "Nidhogg takes a completely random concept and puts forward a compelling multiplayer and single player game that doesn't need bells and whistles but instead relies on pure gameplay to win players over. After watching the official trailer below, if you like what you see then chances are practically 100% that you'll love playing this game. The developers have clearly put fun factor above everything and struck a perfect balance between trying to look / feel retro and actually just being awesome. I highly recommend Nidhogg to every type of gamer who yearns for the experience of stabbing fools in its arena and running off like the champions they are.

My only detriment to this title is that it doesn't have a sequel yet to utilize even the tiniest additions to the gameplay providing us with even more enjoyment. Nidhogg's formula as-is comes off as incredibly fun, but I can't help but wonder what could have been with maybe just one more weapon thrown in the mix. Of course this could ruin the entire experience, but now Messhof knows how to improve for next time around albeit while being very careful to preserve what makes this title special."

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