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First Thief reboot Review Score

First Thief score is here and it looks promising. (PC, PS3, PS4, Thief, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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hulk_bash1987  +   600d ago
All the previews looked promising, can't wait for the 25th. Thief, Tales of Symphonia and LOS2 all on the same day, geez I'm gonna be broke. And March is not gonna give my wallet a break either. Stick of Truth, Dark Souls 2, FFX/X-2 HD, Yaiba, and iNfamous: SS. I need a second job, lol.
TheSimpleMindedOne  +   600d ago
Gamers gotta be packed for one day lol other wise its decision time.
MichaelLito79  +   600d ago
Looking into picking up Thief and Plants vs Zombies both look like great games that can hold me over till Titanfall.
Kos-Mos  +   599d ago
You have a bad taste in video games.
MichaelLito79  +   599d ago | Well said

Sorry I don't meet your standards. Lol
Kos-Mos  +   599d ago
You need salvation. Care for some salvation?
Stay away from all three games you mentioned for starters then come back to me and I`ll help you further.
Bless ye
MichaelLito79  +   599d ago
You are the cure for Salvation. Lmao
Nemesis4567  +   600d ago
Hmm...the review score seems okay. But no word really on the story. When I hear about that, then I'll base my opinion on whether or not I should give it a try. Too many good games coming out, and still a bit "iffy" on this one.
Roccetarius  +   600d ago
It's not really surprising, if Thief's AI is as blind as a mole. The game is not made with the old games in mind (Thief 1 and 2), but for a new audience.
Agent2009  +   600d ago
You seriously think they purposefuly made the AI worse because of a "new audience"?
DFogz  +   600d ago
Well they did make a few things easier and more tailored for a 'new audience'

I'm just wondering what difficulty this guy played on. If it was easy, or maybe even normal it could explain the AI not noticing things as often as they should.
Roccetarius  +   600d ago
Yes, i do think they would go that low. What happened with Dishonored after release, is that someone made a mod to increase the awareness of the AI. There was also a few other tweaks, but it's all to improve the feeling of a stealth game.

From what i've seen in videos, there seems to be no difference between carpets or not for example.
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TheSimpleMindedOne  +   600d ago
Really no game difficulty levels.
Pintheshadows  +   600d ago
In fairness to Thief it features a lot of customisation in its difficulty. Something other games could learn a lot from. The new Hitman for example.

It may sound weird but I actually see that as a pretty next gen feature. I think we should get rid of the traditional Easy, Normal, Hard etc and move more toward this.

A game tailor made for each gamer in a way.
madworldps4  +   600d ago
I love games such this one,it has a lot of exploring and many customization options so hill yah I will buy it on my Ps4 ...
Chapter11  +   600d ago
"Sometimes the AI seems blind"

And you give it a 9/10? That's a deal breaker for a stealth game.
Baka-akaB  +   600d ago
Glad i'm not the only one thinking that . Now to be fair and what annoy me with stealth games review , is the lack of indicators about the game's difficulty setting .

If he activated easy mode and they are blind like bats , fine , i'll just grumble . But if they remain dumb on hard and harder modes , screw it probably
Summons75  +   600d ago
Hey now, Dishonored's AI were blind and stupid but everyone praises that game for some odd reason.
Visiblemarc  +   600d ago
On what difficulty? I enjoyed that game, but one of my gripes was how there was no stealth flow, outside of patterns.

What I mean to say, is I'd see emergent opportunities to slip through places and the friggen eagle eye guards would spot me, in spite of the fact they shouldn't.

Were they stupid? Well kinda... but blind?
Summons75  +   600d ago

Hardest difficulty, you could run around in broad daylight and still not be seen. Watched Three different streams do the same thing.
wannabe gamer  +   599d ago
lol watched a stream of someone else playing and forms opinion. I can tell you i played thru the whole game and all the DLC and never once was i able to do what you just described. and i wasnt on easy difficulty either. try doing things for yourself man and you wont sound like such a sheep playing to everyone elses tune
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Visiblemarc  +   599d ago
The difference in our experiences makes me wonder if we didn't just play different builds of the game. My playthrough was when the game was about 18 months old. Maybe you played an earlier build?

Think maybe they patched the AI and that explains how we had such different experiences? Could be, because I really doubt either of us is dumb/crazy/a liar. :)
Salooh  +   600d ago
It's rare when games have good AI. So i don't care about the AI in this game. I'm gonna buy it and see if i enjoy it my self. Besides, journalists always play on easy difficulty so i don't trust them..
DCfan  +   600d ago
I don't even...
Rivitur  +   600d ago
Not in this day and age AI is a huge part of stealth games and if its broken than that could be a deal breaker for some.

NOTE: I'm still probably gnna buy it tho.
Salooh  +   600d ago
Yes rare , i'm good at games , i always play hardest difficulty on all games and i still find them easy so challenge fun = zero . Instead of that i enjoy the story, awesome graphics, the new features and the vision of the game.
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showtimefolks  +   599d ago

gaming media doesn't have the balls to give a AAA game bad score when the publisher is paying for advertisement on the site. Just look at BF4 from EA, look at how positives the scores are yet its a broken game

i trust few guys on youtube but majority of these big sites are just there to nitpick on smaller developers/games while giving the big blockbuster a free pass most of the time
ELpork  +   600d ago
Gotta love a 3 sentence review....
Bigpappy  +   600d ago
they know that all the focus will be on the score. Most of these gamers today don't even read reviews, they just what to know if it's a 9 or 2.
ELpork  +   600d ago
Justifying the scores more important then appeasing the idiot masses.
BananaRepublik  +   600d ago
I'm getting this irrespective of review scores. These are the guys who made the latest Tomb Raider game as well as Deus Ex: HR, both of which I loved. There's no doubt in my mind that I'll enjoy this too.
Pintheshadows  +   600d ago
They didn't do Tomb Raider chap, but I agree with your sentiment. Deus Ex HR was a great game.
BananaRepublik  +   599d ago
Ah, you're right. My bad. They developed the multiplayer for Tomb Raider.
Aggesan  +   600d ago
"Diversion: 92" Lol, what?
starchild  +   599d ago
Diversion in Spanish means "fun".
CocoWolfie  +   600d ago
good! :')
Nyromith  +   600d ago
Slow loading times... it breaks my heart. Those kind of games typically involve a lot of trial and error to do things exactly the way you planned.

It tortured me on DE:HR when I was trying to achieve perfect stealth.

Hope the PS4 version won't be affected by it.
Audiggity  +   600d ago
A dedicated SSD for gaming on a PC will solve any load time issues.

I plan on getting an XB1 or PS4... but, for single player games? PC is the way to go. Better gfx, better resolution, almost no load times, more options to tweak, mods, etc...
LAWSON72  +   600d ago
Isn't this made by Eidos if so I don't see why there would any doubt. The only doubt is possibly old fans not being happy with but that does mean it will be bad game
tom118  +   600d ago
For what it is, it looks good. But not my kind of game.
sprinterboy  +   600d ago
Never played a thief game, will pick this up though off the psn store during a holiday sale. Would gladly pay £29.99 for the digital version further down the road.
Relientk77  +   600d ago
Sweet glad it got a great score, now just have to wait
Concertoine  +   600d ago
Eidos montreal cant seem to get load times right.
rebeljoe14  +   600d ago
Of course the AIs are gonna be blind, first off you are a shadow thief not a warrior running around killing people. You hide in the dark and even a little darkness in real life is enough to fool an enemy.
Baka-akaB  +   600d ago
When people mention the blind AI they means in situation where they should see or hear you .. not actually hiding where you should be .

Did you miss early footage where you could bypass guards right in front of them , in the light ? That's what people expect to see fixed at retail , and seems like maybe it aint
killzone619  +   600d ago
Bad AI? no buy.
blakstarz  +   591d ago
I'm sure cranking up the difficulty will fix that hopefully.
TruthInsider  +   600d ago
The lowest review score is normally the one i agree with.

eg, a game gets loads of 9's but there is a couple giving 7's,i guarantee that game will be a 7.

Too many sites are scared to give even the most generic boring game less than 7 and they never, ever mention bugs, glitches or framerate problems.
Too many paid scores and too many reviewers/sites don't want to miss out on the freebies!

This industry is so crooked!
DoctorJones  +   600d ago
The Last of Us had one site that gave it 7.5 and another that gave it a 6. Should we trust those scores because they are the lowest, and with your 'logic', the least crooked reviewers?
Audiggity  +   599d ago
Crooked with opinions!

Aside from a few (very few) examples of actual foul play... you are tossing out some huge allegations without any proof.

Look at aggregate review websites... if your conspiracy theory is accurate, the game devs/publishers who paid the most to the critics would consist of the top 100... the top 200... etc.

You would be hard-pressed to connect those dots. You sound silly.
DoctorJones  +   600d ago
Can't wait to play this game.
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SaturdayNightBeaver  +   600d ago
Why Thief reboot? Isn't it Thief 4? The sequel to Thief 3?
Audiggity  +   599d ago
It was* called Thief 4 or Thi4f... and then they decided to reboot it, likely not to alienate new players who may be interested in a series that was almost entirely confined to PC gamers 3 gens ago.

I'd imagine they will leave in some easter eggs for old school players, but, they stated that they are moving away from the magic based/robotic stuff; perhaps the only constant will be the main character.

I played all the old games and I'm fine with that. Reboots are a safe way to keep a series fresh as long as they're done right.
Logak  +   599d ago
But why must they remove the Hammerites and Pagans? They could have easily made them fit into this world... But they didn't, that pisses me off.
Audiggity  +   599d ago

Maybe they didn't remove them entirely... or perhaps we'll be able to explore where they went via DLC?
Logak  +   599d ago
Please have the old factions! PLEASE!!!! The Hammerites and Pagans are what made the world of Thief feel awesome.
mogwaii  +   599d ago
A hell of a lot of people have played a game that hasn't been released yet!
gear  +   599d ago
To me it looks more like this
Thief 7/10. It will not be better than assassin creed and Metal gear solid stealth mode.
Castlevania los2 7.5/10,true its not like the original castlevania but the architecture is good and the combat is fun.
LRff13 6.7/10,since the story is broken because it should have ended in the first installment the time mechanics give a tension to the game and combat system is not bad, well what to expect some reality in that game when it is a fantasy game.
Audiggity  +   599d ago
Hahahahaha... did you just assign reviews to games you haven't played?

"To me it looks more like this"... what does? Your groundless opinions? You just downgraded Thief based on nothing.

Being better than Assassin's Creed is not much of a challenge... since AC2, almost nothing in that series has changed.
gear  +   599d ago
You should give castlevania los2 a little credit because it something different and a good 3d game, I agree if they could put castlevania more like demon souls it would be the true castlevania game like the witcher 3 as got inspiration from dark souls so the game will have a proper darker setting now days people what more reality of games and less fake.I was a castlevania fan usually I hate playing as a Belmont but as a Dracula I enjoyed it there where 2 games that I like SOTN as alucard and especially in this game aria of sorrow as soma Cruz he was able to take souls of his enemies and use it as he sees fit I hope los2 would deliver that because Dracula ability is to take souls or abilities of his enemies.
steele80   599d ago | Spam
bienio  +   599d ago
Castelvania los2 day 1 for me😉

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