First Thief reboot Review Score

First Thief score is here and it looks promising.

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hulk_bash19871164d ago

All the previews looked promising, can't wait for the 25th. Thief, Tales of Symphonia and LOS2 all on the same day, geez I'm gonna be broke. And March is not gonna give my wallet a break either. Stick of Truth, Dark Souls 2, FFX/X-2 HD, Yaiba, and iNfamous: SS. I need a second job, lol.

TheSimpleMindedOne1164d ago

Gamers gotta be packed for one day lol other wise its decision time.

Automatic791164d ago

Looking into picking up Thief and Plants vs Zombies both look like great games that can hold me over till Titanfall.

Kos-Mos1164d ago

You have a bad taste in video games.

Automatic791163d ago


Sorry I don't meet your standards. Lol

Kos-Mos1163d ago

You need salvation. Care for some salvation?
Stay away from all three games you mentioned for starters then come back to me and I`ll help you further.
Bless ye

Automatic791163d ago

You are the cure for Salvation. Lmao

Nemesis45671164d ago

Hmm...the review score seems okay. But no word really on the story. When I hear about that, then I'll base my opinion on whether or not I should give it a try. Too many good games coming out, and still a bit "iffy" on this one.

Roccetarius1164d ago

It's not really surprising, if Thief's AI is as blind as a mole. The game is not made with the old games in mind (Thief 1 and 2), but for a new audience.

Agent20091164d ago

You seriously think they purposefuly made the AI worse because of a "new audience"?

DFogz1164d ago

Well they did make a few things easier and more tailored for a 'new audience'

I'm just wondering what difficulty this guy played on. If it was easy, or maybe even normal it could explain the AI not noticing things as often as they should.

Roccetarius1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Yes, i do think they would go that low. What happened with Dishonored after release, is that someone made a mod to increase the awareness of the AI. There was also a few other tweaks, but it's all to improve the feeling of a stealth game.

From what i've seen in videos, there seems to be no difference between carpets or not for example.

TheSimpleMindedOne1164d ago

Really no game difficulty levels.

Pintheshadows1164d ago

In fairness to Thief it features a lot of customisation in its difficulty. Something other games could learn a lot from. The new Hitman for example.

It may sound weird but I actually see that as a pretty next gen feature. I think we should get rid of the traditional Easy, Normal, Hard etc and move more toward this.

A game tailor made for each gamer in a way.

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The story is too old to be commented.