Sony Introduces New Valentine's Day Flash Sale On NA PSN

GearNuke: "It appears that Sony has again introduced a new “Valentine’s Day Flash Sale” on PSN for the North American users. This sale is going to start soon and will features games like Divekick, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, NBA 2K14 and more."

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porkChop896d ago

Just gonna be honest, this flash sale ain't that great to me.

Aleithian896d ago

Yeah, I like that PSN is hosting flash sales now, but this one isn't very impressive.

PeaSFor895d ago

i was waiting for a sale to get Lego Marvel on ps4, thx sony!

Goro896d ago

It's terrible. PSASBR has been available on retail for €7.99 for months now, at least in Europe.

Prime157896d ago

I understand what you are saying in a way... However, this is the second sale that has affected ps4, which is big in my opinion.

The new consoles keep their demand (price) up, so now that I've seen multiple ps4 games on sale (January's flash too), I feel like Sony is actually trying to help gamers... for lack of a better way of putting it...

memots896d ago

Ps allstart at 10$ is a good deal.

sobekflakmonkey896d ago

only for PS3 apparently, I don't think you get it for vita, I would totally get it for vita if I could.

sobekflakmonkey896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

I know about cross-buy, but its not for the flash sale, the cross buy is for the full retail game and what not, for the flash buy its only listed as PS3, not both, its also not listed for cross-buy.

sashimi896d ago

So getting Lego Marvel :) thanks Sony

Aleithian896d ago

It's a great game, especially if you have someone to play with.

cluckey07896d ago

I thought the Playstation all-stars is a great deal. I've wanted it for my Vita for a while now but didn't want to pay full price. Its a cross buy so I bought it for PS3 and downloaded it to my Vita.

memots896d ago

I did the same cluckey

got the retail version since they gave you a code for the vita.

I just picked it up for my nephew now we can play versus online :)

Noctis896d ago

Castle Crashers is a steal at 3.50!! get it!!

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The story is too old to be commented.