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Gamereactor "If you genuinely ask that of a South Park game, it may not be for you. But to answer anyway: pretty bloody funny. The animated series has skated the divide between smart social commentary and offensive material. The Stick of Truth turns the franchise's gaze to gaming, specifically the turn-based and RPG kind, and makes a mockery of it.
Yet, you can laugh and enjoy the joke, because underneath the genre jibes, is a pretty damn good take on the game type."

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MonChiChi1342d ago

Gonna be awesome. Really excited for this.

theDivision1342d ago

Hoping for a next gen release after.

Heisenburger1342d ago

I'm definitely waiting for a current gen port. This game needs to be played on my ps4 with my vita earbuds plugged in. :)

PS3Freak1342d ago

One of the last current gen games I'll be picking up before moving on.

Can't wait, it should be one of the best.