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Flappy Sperm: Two Spermy Flappy Bird Clones

Wherever there's a fad, there's sperm - and that's just why the Flappy Bird game-making jam has already brought us two spermy alternatives to the sweeping fad. (Culture, Flappy Bird, PC)

GentlemenRUs  +   503d ago
Oh brother... JUST STOP WILL YOU!!!
WilliamH  +   503d ago
A better name would be FAPPY sperm.
nope111  +   503d ago
WilliamH  +   503d ago
The bitch is strong with this one
andrewsqual  +   503d ago
"Beat" me to it :)
HumanAfterAll  +   503d ago
Oh "cum" on man these puns are re-"dick"-ulous
PurpHerbison  +   503d ago
If it was called Fappy Sperm then what would the sperm be avoiding? Paper towels? Toilets? Keyboards?
k3x  +   503d ago
ur mom
PurpHerbison  +   502d ago
Psychotica  +   503d ago
Relientk77  +   503d ago
When u die it says and spawns babies lol
bobsmith  +   503d ago
I like it its way more fast
SteamPowered  +   503d ago
I heard the end boss is a sock from the laundry hamper.
AnEwGuY  +   503d ago
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Geekman  +   503d ago
Oh that is just SICK.
Max-Zorin  +   503d ago
I have seen it all.
Silverforce  +   502d ago
More clones on Android: Flappy Spermie .. some weird sound effects too.
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