Wii U Games Montage

Check out the Wii U mintage to see all of the awesome games for Nintendo's system

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mikel10151313d ago

Where's MH3U, Donkey Kong, SSB4, X, ZombiU, Mario Kart 8, Sonic Lost World? A lot of semi-must own and must own games!

Geekman1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

I know.

Geekman1313d ago

I paused at Bayonettas butt by accident. Can't complain, lol.

AKR1313d ago

Nice. Although the game selection was pretty thin.

SageShinigami1313d ago

Bayonetta 2's not out yet. So either you left out the other cool upcoming games Nintendo has coming, or that should've been cut to add stuff like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Sonic Lost World and NSMBU.

Either way: Nintendo needs more games. My Wii U is hungry.

R00bot1313d ago

The console's only a year old, they're doing pretty well, games-wise. Especially considering the 3rd parties being too scared to release games on it.

BosSSyndrome1313d ago

That was terrible. They showed the same 6 games over and over.