Battlefield 4 – DICE “Always Considering” Night Maps, Level Artist On Lack Of Rush-Focused Maps

MP1st - In the latest Battlefield Blog update, DICE Level Artist Linnea Harrison answers your questions about multiplayer level design in Battlefield 4.

You might find a number of her answers rather intriguing, including what she had to say about night maps and rush-only maps in Battlefield 4. She also touched upon why randomly generated weather and time of day effects were not introduced into the game.

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csreynolds1558d ago

"our maps are generally built for Conquest, as this is a game mode that is played by the majority (around 70%) of our players"

Such was the case in 2009 also, but you didn't hear the Bad Company 2 team make this excuse. They still made Rush-focused maps. The DLC maps were also FREE back then too...

sAVAge_bEaST1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

ahh, the good ol' days....

before (YOU KNOW WHO) ruined gaming, buy introducing paid DLC.

Nocando1557d ago

Seriously dude, take a break from hating, its bad for your health.

MaxwellBuddha1557d ago

Does "horse armor" ring any bells for you? And that was back in 2006.

PeaSFor1557d ago

screw rush maps, BF is all about conquest.

Detoxx1557d ago

DLC was NOT free for Bad Company 2, unless you call 'same maps now playable on other game modes' DLC.

The Vietnam expansion for BC2 was $15, it was worth it though.

csreynolds1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Was it free? Was it downloadable? Was it additional content? Then, by definition, it was free DLC.

I agree with you on the Vietnam point though. That was well worth forking out for.

deathstriker1557d ago

They should focus on the game types that the majority of their fans like and actually play. I get where you're coming from, but BF is synonymous with conquest. Bad Company was a spinoff series and the maps being so urban/symmetrical and less vehicle focused lent itself well to the game mode.

ZodTheRipper1557d ago

Too bad that Conquest runs like crap, at least on PS4 even though I have 100mb/s internet and UPNP enabled. Conquest would be awesome if the netcode wouldn't suck so much :/

csreynolds1555d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing that Conquest isn't popular - it blatantly is, but to overlook how maps play on other modes like Rush (as DICE has with BF4) is lazy. The fact that there are so many full Rush servers on BF4 is proof Rush is popular also, and when Bad Company 2's former design director steps in to question the BF4 team on Twitter, you know something's changed for the worse.

Returning to the original point, if 70% of players head to Conquest, it is ironic that the game mode lags like a mofo - on PS4, at least. The moment a building topples, a huge explosion happens or a Levelution occurs, the frame rate falls over. Could just be a Euro server issue, but who knows.

Nocando1557d ago

Makes one wonder why there are no night maps when there are so many unlocks for enhanced vision.

Detoxx1557d ago

Enhanced vision is used to spot hiding infantry and mines.

boldscot1557d ago

Rush is my preferred mode, but the maps in BF4 are terrible for rush. I haven't come across any jet on jet gameplay either, which there was plenty of in the BF3 rush mode. I've pretty much given up on BF4 now anyway, lots of bugs and a gimped rush mode make it a pretty poor experience for any rush players out there.

LOL_WUT1557d ago

TDM is even worser especially the broken spawn system ;)

MassOnesumis1557d ago

I still enjoy playing BF4 but Rush is near-impossible for attacker with only 75 tickets.Its still entirely possible to win.

Detoxx1557d ago

Can't wait for Titan Mode in Battlefield 4!

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