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Naughty Dog Teasing Something For This Spring? Possibly The Final Last of Us DLC?

MP1st - Seems that Naughty Dog may be hinting at a reveal sometimes this spring according to a possible hint left by in the recently released Last of Us DLC, Left Behind. (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

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XboxFun  +   467d ago
I played this game and I have to admit that it was nothing special. I think everyone jumped on the ND super hype wagon. The story borrowed heavy from every zombie flick out there. The gameplay was super linear and I am shocked everyone liked it but condemned FF 13.

Now ND is tacking on MP and more DLC? Why couldn't nthis be in the game from the beginning?
Nitrowolf2  +   467d ago
"Now ND is tacking on MP and more DLC?"

The game started with MP, and Tacked on is something it's not. It's actually well thought out than most MP games out there.

You are really comparing The Last of Us Linearity to FF13? Since when have FF games ever, EVER been known to be Linear? And don't get started with the mess of the story is has in 1 (2, and 3)
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TomShoe  +   467d ago
Hmmm, I thought they already confirmed this was the last story-based DLC.

If they do add it however, my mind will explode into the cosmos.
jmac53  +   467d ago
@TomShoe Maybe PS4 port? I am hoping.
theDECAY  +   467d ago
It's not use man. His name is XboxFun...
morganfell  +   467d ago
You didn't know it had MP? Yeah you played it, right. /s
Nitrowolf2  +   467d ago

If this is DLC, then it's MP. They have one MP left, it was confirmed that it woul;d get three DLC, 2 MP one Story
-Foxtrot  +   467d ago
"gameplay was super linear and I am shocked everyone liked it but condemned FF 13."

Yeah it's supposed to be like that, it's a linear game...you can still roam around the level though for collectibles but what do you expect. Final Fantasy 13 was totally different as Final Fantasy games were known to be open while FF13 wasn't.

It's not like the Last of Us featured an open map while the DLC didn't.

The only bad thing I can say about the DLC is that it was a shame we didn't get to see <SPOILERS>.....Riley turn and Ellie finding out she's immune, like ending where she meets up with Marlene.
Plasticgearsolid  +   467d ago
So true they could have filled the small gap in with an amazing cutscene with ellie finding out
RytGear  +   467d ago
I much prefer it left to the imagination, thats what I feel ND achieved best with main story TLOU.
Master-H  +   467d ago
Dem tears...delicious.

The mp is actually awesome in TLOU, and unlike any other mp game.

Also just because a game is linear doesn't mean it sucks, Uncharted 2 was also linear and it's one of the best games of last gen.

That comparison with FF13 is just ridiculous comparing an RPG with a third person survival shooter and it shows how hard you try, by that same logic then Titanfall sucks because it also is a twitch shooter like CoD, Ryse is the worst game since it's linear and scripted as hell.

And you wanna talk about generic zombie games look no further than Dead Rising.

Also how can they include content that was made after the game released ? at least they didn't cut HALF the content to sell as DLC, or riddle the existing content with microtransactions cough Forza cough. And it had plenty enough of content as it is, 15-16 hours to finish unlike Ryse's 5 hour playtime.

At least ps3 owners got buncha exclusives to play in 2013, TLOu,GOW,GT6,puppeteer,rain,Ni NuKuni etc what did you get beside that letdown Gears of War ?
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Blastoise  +   467d ago
Wait, XboxFun DIDN'T like The Last Of Us? Shocker.
aNDROiD17_  +   467d ago
wow your name says it all. just shut up and stop hating things because its on playstation
pyramidshead  +   467d ago
Your opinion is niche, I'm thankful of that.

Also the first DLC was for the multiplayer which it's always had lol.

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poindat  +   467d ago
"The story borrowed heavy from every zombie flick out there."

So? What zombie flick IS entirely original? It's not the story alone that makes it great, it's the INCREDIBLE acting job. Hell, just the fact that you are comparing a video game to actual movies shows that ND did their job.

"The gameplay was super linear"

Once again, so? This isn't Grand Theft Auto or Skyrim. It's a linear game in a linear genre so of course the gameplay/environments will be linear. Would you complain that Halo or Call of Duty don't give you massive JC2-size worlds to explore? Would you complain that in Gran Turismo or Forza you can't freely drive around a city? No, because that's not what those games are about, and neither is TLOU.

You're obviously bitter and grasping at straws.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   467d ago
That's your opinion. I completely loved it.
TruthBTold  +   467d ago
Did someone forget to spray the troll repelant?
solidjun5  +   467d ago
Typical trolling attempt by this guy. Comes back after a month and continues his old ways. You should see him in the other sections. You probably never played this game.
Dmd  +   467d ago
Are you seriously comparing TLoU with FFXIII? Like, seriously?? Trolling much?

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES   467d ago | Personal attack | show
dboyc310  +   467d ago
*crosses fingers* INFECTED in the multiplayer! They said on the IGN podcast how that certain situation wasn't in the single player because of the time it would take to make. They eventually used the extra time to build upon that and include it in the DLC SP. I'm hoping they add it to the multiplayer. Adding that dynamic to the battlefield would tense things up to the maximum!!
-Foxtrot  +   467d ago
I was wondering why you could hear clickers in Lakeside for example. I always thought they were going to come out some part during a match but they never did
Master-H  +   467d ago
That would be awesome, but i think it's unlikely since the clickers ai would need to be synced up for all the players i think it would need dedicated servers (teh cloud lol) and since the mp runs on p2p now i doubt they would change it.
DeletedAcc  +   467d ago
Just finished LEFT BEHIND .
Holy moly! What did I just play??? Best gamingexperience!
MonChiChi  +   467d ago
Yep, had a blast with the DLC. Very well worth the money.
Goro  +   467d ago
I also just finished it, nice DLC but €15 for 90 minutes is a little overpriced in my opinion.
Transporter47  +   467d ago
Did you not notice the quality?
Also for that price you could go watch a movie on theater. By no means is this overpriced they added so much stuff. Also not often do you get this kind of amazing DLC usually just multiplayer maps and skins.
sGIBMBR  +   467d ago
Got to say this DLC was very short, but I didn't care, it was quality from start to finish, and that's the most important thing.
Geekman  +   467d ago
I'm tired of DLC. We're talking about stuff that should've been released with the games, and instead of working on NEW titles or fixing the original games bugs (Warner Bros.) all we get is DLC. I'm sick of it.
Kivespussi  +   467d ago
The best DLC I've played. I'm a bit disappointed that it was so short though. Also the photobooth scene was awkward but kind of great. But mostly awkward.
I can't wait until the last MP expansion. Does anyone know if it'll be new maps or game modes? Both would be awesome. I just love the MP. Only problem is the p2p connection as it usually results in lost connections.
Tripe_Down  +   467d ago
this means nothing, there was many hints in the preview code last year (the billboard on the street) and this was pure coincidence

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