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Xbox One February update is now starting to roll out

Major Nelson announces the coming of the Xbox One February update on his blog. (Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   565d ago
Hopefully this works I'm excited for this :)

BTW: I'm not an Xbox hater, or MS hater i just don't like the decision involving price and Kinect being included in every box FYI!
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Septic  +   565d ago


OT- still miffed that no Twitch streaming as of yet. Now would have been the perfect time to add the feature (that should have been available day one anyway)
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BelkingOfSony  +   565d ago
How do you always comment first on nearly every article? Do you have a life outside n4g? Oh I think I know what it is, you want more bubbles. Bubble up!
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   565d ago
@Uchiha I'm pretty sure you don't own an X1.
jamsam360  +   565d ago
I my self enjoy the Kinect for the turning everything on and off in an instant! Pretty awesome! It is not as bad as you make it out be! Try it a few times at a friends or relatives house it will help your decision!
SilentGuard  +   565d ago
I know, sometimes I like to just sit on the sofa and turn the Xbone on and off with voice commands, pretty awesome.
mcstorm  +   565d ago
I agree then again I prefer most of Microsoft's products over others. I have a 360, Xbox one, surface rt. Zune, Lumina 925 and a windows 8 pc for work and a 2012 server for media. For what I want in terms of technology in my home life nothing has worked better than this setup I have now. I have tried apple, Linux and Google's solutions but for me Microsoft's has worked the best. I under stand its not for everyone but people also need to remember what they prefer is not always right for someone else.

I'm loving the Xbox one at the moment the voice side is impressive and makes a big difference to how I use my TV and media. the few things I want to see on the Xbox one now though is browsing my media server from the console, NHL game centre app, control for all uk TV services and a better party system which looks like it is coming soon too. O I would also like to be able to use Xbox music in the background when playing games rather then having to have it snapped and also different volume control for snapped apps. I'm sure most of this in time will come though.
darthv72  +   565d ago
@mcstorm, no disrespect but do you think name dropping all those products some how validates your choice to support the xbox brand?

Just curious. I see so much name dropping in so many threads that its like its meant to be some kind of measuring stick. be it the number of games one can name that are coming out or the number of studios that are making games.

honestly we are all gamers and there should be no reason to validate or justify our choices. We all have the same right to play what we want without being discriminated upon by someone who doesnt share the same views.

Sorry man...didnt mean to hijack your post for any political gain.
christocolus  +   565d ago
Nice..been waiting for this.

"As a reminder, here are "some" of the features you’ll see in this update"

so im assuming there will be other features besides the battery indicator and storage and download management then.




He is just a dedicated n4g fan.
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MorePowerOfGreen  +   565d ago
Waiting for the supposed surprises gamers will love that were claimed in the announcement article from Xboxwire.com

Blu-ray quality improvement is very nice addition to the update.
Transporter47  +   565d ago
Roll Out Autobots!! That came to my head when i read the title, but good news for the patch.
Pogmathoin  +   565d ago
Good.... Long weekend here, can relax and not worry about the next day.....
XboxFun  +   565d ago
I'm glad MS is listening their user base and pro iding these updates and great games.
Elit3Nick  +   565d ago
Haven't seen you in while
AngelicIceDiamond  +   565d ago
"As I noted in my blog post about the December system update, we’ve changed the way these work on Xbox One to reduce the impact on our customers. For the vast majority of Xbox One owners who use “Instant On” (the low power state that allows you to instantly power up your console by saying “Xbox On”), the console automatically checks for updates when customers turn it off."

Does this go for game updates as well?
T-Dawg6  +   565d ago
Will the update pop up as soon as you turn the console on?
SKullDugger  +   565d ago
If its in standby mode yes it will be just like the first update.
Starbucks_Fan  +   565d ago
Can someone tell me what features you can use the keyboard for?
RiPPn  +   565d ago
Cool, I'm hoping some of the undocumented fixes fix voice commands.
Aleithian  +   565d ago
Can't we come up with a more 'digital' bromide? "Roll out" is so 20th century.
SKullDugger  +   565d ago
Cool I'm looking forward to this I hope it fixes some issues. I own both consoles and hope they both do well its about the games and having fun.
GusBricker  +   565d ago
Just DLed it.

If you press the guide button the controller indicator pops up on the lower right and if you go to your games and apps, it shows how much space you're using and how much you have left. I have 256.4 GBs left and I have Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Assassin's Creed 4, Killer Instinct, Powerstar Golf, Max: TCoB, Zoo Tycoon and Xbox Fitness installed.
MachineGunnTalk  +   565d ago
been waiting for this, what a great bday present along with strider
DEEBO  +   565d ago
strider is so good!
still no titanfall beta code though.
T-Dawg6  +   565d ago
I cant figure out where to manage my storage, help?
Mrveryodd  +   564d ago
Just got the update :) well done Microsoft. Laptop plugged in to HDMI love that in :)
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