Titanfall New Weapons And Balance Explained By Abbie Heppe

Respawn Entertainment community manager Abbie Heppe talks about the Smart Pistol and other new weapons and explains how Electronic Arts' Titanfall gameplay has been balanced in this exclusive interview from Los Angeles.

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xPhearR3dx1375d ago

I just got the beta a few hours ago. It's a lot more fun than I expected. It's actually, REALLY fun. The whole 6v6 player count is perfect, so all those people crying should play it before saying anything.

The only thing I do not like is the auto-aim lock on pistol. The range is stupid far and after 2-3 sec you get a full lock on killing another player instantly. The worse part is, this class also comes with a cloak. That crap needs to go ASAP.

4logpc1375d ago

Once you get out of the lower level match making the smart pistol is not used by anyone.

ZombieStalker1375d ago

You have only had the beta for a few hours now and based on that you can determine that a class and/or weapon needs balancing? Really? Don't forget this is a beta!!

It seems balanced to me and I am sure that stats from beta game play sessions will be used to determine IF there are truly balance issues.

xPhearR3dx1375d ago

It's not really hard to determine that an auto-locking pistol that kills other players from a large distance with a single trigger pull is OP. Auto-aim weapons are incredible stupid.

mhunterjr1375d ago

It doesn't kill players only works as an instant kill against grunts...

xPhearR3dx1375d ago

Yes it does. You let it lock on for about 2 seconds and when they fire the gun it kills them automatically. I've died by it plenty of times and used it myself. It's a stupid weapon.

bennissimo1375d ago

To be fair, you can make cloak your tactical ability on any loadout.

mhunterjr1375d ago

You must have already been low on health, because it takes more than one lock on to kill a pilot with that gun...

Ps, you receive a warning anytime someone is trying to use it against you... meaning you have several seconds to shoot first or take cover... unless someone catches you out in the open, from behind, a skilled player would rarely be killed by this gun.of course, a person caught in that situation would be vulnerable to any weapon...

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blib1375d ago

It's EA. They've burned their bridges. Anybody who gives a dime to that company is anti gaming.

UbiquitousClam1375d ago


Congratulations I am awarding you the dumbest comment of the day award. Be proud you've earned it, and in astonishing fashion too.

BLuTheSecond1375d ago

I will give them money so that I can enjoy this wonderful game. That seems very pro-gaming to me.

Allsystemgamer1375d ago

I preordered for PC

Got into beta with a code

Beta crashes and can't connect to a game

If the release is like this I'm getting my money back or burning ea to the ground

CrossingEden1375d ago

It's a video game publisher. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

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BelkingOfSony1375d ago

Almost read her name as Abbie Herpes

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