Buffalo Bills Quarterback EJ Manuel Talks Madden

NFL rookie standout E.J. Manuel of the Buffalo Bills returned to Madden Bowl XX, a year after winning it all. The former Florida State University quarterback talks about his Madden and video game skills in this exclusive interview from New York City.

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EcoSos31526d ago

So? Just because you dont like it doesnt means you can just report it.

LAWSON721524d ago

Well the last interview from a few days ago did not even talk about Madden

jagiii1526d ago

This guy has game on the field and off.

king_george1524d ago

I live in Buffalo! Go bills lol

Philoctetes1524d ago

I'm a lifelong Bills fan. I'm just worried that EJ will sprain his knee walking from the console to his couch.

king_george1524d ago

Poor guy. His rookie year and he didnt really get a chance to shine because of injuries. He has potential though and is much better than fitzpatrick thats for sure.

Hopefully the bills get their sh*t together within the next couple years and start winning important games.

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