Prepared to be Scared: The Evil Within Launches in August - Our Impressions So Far

TG writes: The brain behind the Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami, has set his sights once again on scaring the crap out of gamers. From what we've seen so far, mission accomplished.

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ftwrthtx1373d ago

I'm glad they aren't waiting for Halloween. This game is looking incredibly dark, gruesome and scary.

The article's image can't be unseen

Ashunderfire861373d ago

Save that Halloween fright for Alien Isolation.

TerminalGamer1373d ago

Disturbing image but damn, what a great marketing tool.

curtis921373d ago

love the art. Wish the game wasn't theatrical widescreen. I get that for film but with a game they have control over field of vision... so the reasoning of "we wanted the player to see more" is bull. I want the game to fill my screen.

chrissx1373d ago

This game looks like a darker, scarier, updated version of RE4 which is rly cool. Def gonna try this

Austin481373d ago

Cool August is when my birthday is

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The story is too old to be commented.