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Are Halo And Call of Duty In Danger From Titanfall And Destiny?

Forbes "As hype for this spring’s Titanfall and this fall’s Destiny reaches unprecedented levels for untested IPs, I find myself wondering how their presence will affect what could be known as their “predecessors.” (Call of Duty, Destiny, Halo 5: Guardians, Industry, PS3, PS4, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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megazero12  +   565d ago
no not really. This is kind of silly.
Timesplitter14  +   565d ago
Call of Duty yes, but Halo has a following and hasnt been at the top for a long time, so I wouldn't say it's in danger.

CoD's following doesnt really count as a following because it's the "let's play whatever game is the most popular now" crowd
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king_george  +   565d ago
Idk man. CoD actually has a lot of fans. Theres people that attend almost every tournament like its life or death lol. And they get so competitive on MLG so i wouldnt really say CoD is in too much trouble. People love CoD and i dont think thats changing for atleast a couple more years :/
dedicatedtogamers  +   565d ago
Call of Duty's direct competitor is BF. I think Destiny will carve up what remains of the Halo fanbase (many of which already left to play CoD)

Titanfall isn't similar enough to directly compete with any shooter that I can think of. It will succeed or fail as a separate entity, but it won't steal fans away from other franchises.
Spinal  +   565d ago
Maybe ur confused? Titanfall is a Direct competitor with Call of Duty it's more like than any game I've ever seen.

BF is not anything like cod so now cod has a real competitor for their players. Cause BF players an cod players are two diff markets. I'm a BF player an I don't play cod an have no interest in Titanfall but cod players will love Titanfall.
Dlacy13g  +   565d ago
In Danger? A bit of an odd statement just because I feel like Destiny and Titanfall are so different from either COD or Halo. I think Halo and COD will still sell well but we could see the MP side of things being impacted by these other games. I think most notably COD could face more challenge this year.
vor1982  +   565d ago
Destiny looks identical to halo but with rpg elements. Not that I'm not going to buy the shit out of that game.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   565d ago
TitanFall...no. Destiny, most definitely, that game looks unfucking believeable.
rickybadman  +   565d ago
Halo no. Destiny plays to different than Halo for them to steal that crowd. Titanfall is not going to come out often enough to challenge COD. Maybe by the next game it will
Immorals  +   565d ago
Call of duty is a danger to itself.. They are just bad games.

Destiny has the potential to be amazing, can't wait for its release! Its a good time to be a gamer.
truefan1  +   565d ago
Technically since Titanfall is Cod with mechs, shouldn't Destiny be considered Halo on another planet.

I will say COD is in Danger though, because Ghosts really messed up and this was definitely not the year to mess up. Halo will be fine because Halo is the most legendary game in xbox history.
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marioJP87  +   565d ago
COD series needs to die off.
MadMen  +   565d ago
COD - yes, its Multi sys, and been milked more than Any

Halo - No, Halo is a cult and a one system experience

Titan Fall - has a story but will thrive in the MP arena Only

DESTINY - Will be the champ; Its both story and MP & Bungie
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Gamer-40  +   565d ago
Titanfall huge success.
Next CoD huge success.
Next Halo huge success.
Destiny huge success.

These best FPS games.
MusashiBlack  +   565d ago
Just played TitanFall....COD is in danger.
Halo and Destiny will be fine.
Nocando  +   565d ago
Absolutely loving Titanfall. My favorite part is the Titan vs. Titan, and the evac at the end is a refreshing touch. Conversely I played Ghosts recently....for one session. Activision may as well have mugged me in a dark alley for 60 quid.
MusashiBlack  +   565d ago
After I did the training, I thought I was fine. Then I got into a match and all hell broke loose. It's so fasttttttt and so addicting. This is just a beta. Day1
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ILikeGamesNotCorps  +   565d ago
Is this article a waste of time and data? Yes.
curtis92  +   565d ago
COD will survive because it's simple... players vs players with guns. No bots.

Halo will survive because MS is going to milk it for everything they can and MS fanboys will eat it all up.

Destiny will be hyuge.

Titanfall will do very well sales wise. Nothing compared to what itll do when it's multiplat though.
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hankmoody  +   565d ago
Halo 5 has nothing to worry about. There are people out there waiting for that game specifically to release before they get their XB1.
Captain Qwark 9  +   565d ago
well i personally thought halo 4 was amazing. id love to see what 343 can do with the x1 and if i was getting an x1, titanfall and halo would both be day one buys.

ive been over cod since world at war

and destiny looks very good but we will see. im not 100% sold on it yet....80% sold.

overall, all will be a huge success im sure
hankmoody  +   565d ago
Halo 4 gets a lot of hate, which I can't understand. I absolutely loved it and I thought that 343i did a hell of a job taking over from Bungie. I have a feeling Halo 5 is going to be insane!
OrangePowerz  +   565d ago
I doubt that.

Destiny looks to be verybdifferent to Halo or CoD going by the info released so far.

Titanfall is closer to Halo and CoD gameplay wise, but the release is far away.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   565d ago
Halo and Destiny are going to be direct competitors. Driving each other to do better.

Titanfall will make CoD change their game up.
curtis92  +   565d ago
That's to be seen... honestly titanfall graphically looks the same as Ghosts... but don't forget, the next COD is targeted for Next-gen and will release in november, already putting titanfall to shame in graphics. And besides... if COD adds mechs what's the diff?
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Nero1314  +   565d ago
Changing the devs ain't gonna save cod
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MilkMan  +   565d ago
I don't like Titanfall and I'm luke warm on Destiny and I still say that if these games overshadow Halo and COD then its a good thing. Its called progress.
Summons75  +   565d ago
Halo doesn't have to worry since it has a enjoyable story most of the time. Destiny is going to be the game to shine out of it and titanfall. Titan fall devas aren't really doing anything new and it plays like call of duty.It could be surprising in the end but the alpha was disappointing with how familiar to cod it was, the mechs were fun though. Destiny is going to have single/multiplayer all in one game plus an open world solar system. Its trying to do something new and do something to stand out. Cod is stale, unbalanced gameplay making it lose the challenge and fun and a poor story.
TheTowelBoy  +   565d ago
I'm not a fan of halo(write: halo games)but halo will ALWAYS be a thing, and it will ALWAYS be at the very least a great narrative, and sci-fi story. Love the setting to death, the games just never caught me. I've read the books. So good. Lol
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Eonjay  +   565d ago
Titanfall doesn't threaten anyone. Halo is a legacy title with an actual story and COD is like crack. Titanfall is just a stepping stone in creating a more pure form of COD.

Activision is laughing all the way to the bank. Respawn was nothing more than a tool. Now they have Bungee, a studio that can do more than just multiplayer. They have traded up.
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Pinkdolphinyfg  +   565d ago
Can tell you've never played titanfall for yourself yet. Its a GAME CHANGER for the competitive multiplayer crowd. Idk if you have been living under a rock but the reactions have been extremely positive across the board. After playing the alpha and now in the beta i can tell you as somebody who has played them all cod 4, halo 3, counter strike, gears of war, killzone that Titanfall is a serious threat to cod. Word of mouth alone will bring people in guranteed.
Eonjay  +   565d ago
And thats how it should be. Right? Thats how COD got off the ground right? The only thing is, there is a artificial barrier to entry called the Xbox One. Yes I know that its also on PC, but EA is doing everything in its power to keep as many people AWAY from their title as possible.

I believe that Titanfall will be big for the competitive multiplayer audience. But I do not think it will be able to touch COD because it doesn't have the reach that COD has. Pure and simple.
Destiny looks boring. It's nothing but a Borderlands clone with more MMO elements. I don't care about MMOs so I'll be skipping it.
jacksjus  +   565d ago
Hopefully yes. That means in with the new out with the old.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   565d ago
Destiny looks like Halo with rpg elements. Also with a expected 10 million copies to break even for the first game Activision might be biting off more than they could chew. Titanfall is the future of multiplayer competitive fps from what i've played and heard from top youtube gamers. Amazing across the board. Cod is already on a downwards decline since black ops 2 sales wise and Halo will retain its dedicated fanbase since they are so dedicated to the universe.
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Doletskaya  +   565d ago
COD yes, Halo maybe. Mainly because COD is different enough from these two games with killstreak and stuff while Halo is in direct comeptition against Destiny in a way that both have similiar setting, gameplay and look with Destiny having more variety and RPG elements. So at the end of the days, I dont see why anyone would buy Halo when they can get Destiny for reasons other than pure loyalty if it lives up to the hype.
Ashby_JC  +   565d ago
I dont think any game can be in danger unless that game is in SERIOUS sales decline.

As much as people on the NET hate COD. There are many many many who still play and love COD.

Halo 4 which from what I have read sold pretty well. So there is still HUGE fans of the franchise.

So in my opinion DESTINY and TITANFALL can and should sell well and build a following. But take out established franchises....I dont think so.
Kevin26385  +   565d ago
They are all so different...there is room for all of them in my opinion.
billybonez  +   565d ago
Halo's roots are too deep in the ground for Titanfall and Destiny to even try to take it out. Halo in Danger? Thats the stupidest shit ive ever herd. Plus the hype around H2 anniversary is growing. Call of Duty is the same way. Its been here for years. No where near danger. And im willing to debate any Titanfall or Destiny fanboy who thinks other wise. I cant believe theirs die hard fanboys for a game they havent even played. They just love sucking dick lmao. Yeah Halo + COD over those hyped up games anyday.
Kingoftherodeo  +   565d ago
Halo no cod maybe too many people are starting to hate it.sure cod always gets that new wave of young kids /noobs who thinks this is the best one yet. Destiny just reminds me too much of borderlands with halo like costumes and it doesn't surprise as far characters go since it's bungie. I see cod more in danger since they are adding more shooters
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   565d ago
The only game that will threaten cod or halo is Destiny. Destiny is gonna be amazing. Bungie is the 3rd best studio behind Naughty Dog and Rockstar.
Lilrizky  +   565d ago
It's just interesting to see how a developer who used to make exclusives for Microsoft has gone multi-platform and another developer who used to make multiplatform games is doing an exclusive for Microsoft.
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