Are Halo And Call of Duty In Danger From Titanfall And Destiny?

Forbes "As hype for this spring’s Titanfall and this fall’s Destiny reaches unprecedented levels for untested IPs, I find myself wondering how their presence will affect what could be known as their “predecessors.”

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megazero121319d ago

no not really. This is kind of silly.

Timesplitter141319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Call of Duty yes, but Halo has a following and hasnt been at the top for a long time, so I wouldn't say it's in danger.

CoD's following doesnt really count as a following because it's the "let's play whatever game is the most popular now" crowd

king_george1319d ago

Idk man. CoD actually has a lot of fans. Theres people that attend almost every tournament like its life or death lol. And they get so competitive on MLG so i wouldnt really say CoD is in too much trouble. People love CoD and i dont think thats changing for atleast a couple more years :/

dedicatedtogamers1319d ago

Call of Duty's direct competitor is BF. I think Destiny will carve up what remains of the Halo fanbase (many of which already left to play CoD)

Titanfall isn't similar enough to directly compete with any shooter that I can think of. It will succeed or fail as a separate entity, but it won't steal fans away from other franchises.

Spinal1319d ago

Maybe ur confused? Titanfall is a Direct competitor with Call of Duty it's more like than any game I've ever seen.

BF is not anything like cod so now cod has a real competitor for their players. Cause BF players an cod players are two diff markets. I'm a BF player an I don't play cod an have no interest in Titanfall but cod players will love Titanfall.

Dlacy13g1319d ago

In Danger? A bit of an odd statement just because I feel like Destiny and Titanfall are so different from either COD or Halo. I think Halo and COD will still sell well but we could see the MP side of things being impacted by these other games. I think most notably COD could face more challenge this year.

vor19821319d ago

Destiny looks identical to halo but with rpg elements. Not that I'm not going to buy the shit out of that game.

TheGreatAndPowerful1319d ago Destiny, most definitely, that game looks unfucking believeable.

rickybadman1319d ago

Halo no. Destiny plays to different than Halo for them to steal that crowd. Titanfall is not going to come out often enough to challenge COD. Maybe by the next game it will

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The story is too old to be commented.