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Top 10 Best Love Stories in Gaming

Platform-Online: "It’s Valentine’s Day, and the popular choice is to dig into a box of chocolates and put their feet up and watch a soppy rom-com. Although video games aren’t really renowned for having much to do in the way of romance, many people are surprised to see that video games can tell some of the best love stories out there. So, for Valentine’s Day, here are my top ten love stories in video games." (Alan Wake, PC, PS2, PS3, Red Dead Redemption, The Sims, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Xbox 360)

castdreams  +   427d ago
I'd have to say my personal favorite is Zidane and Dagger from Final Fantasy IX :)
segamon  +   427d ago
in all gaming? if so, then lame.
Aleithian  +   427d ago
Yeah, that was a pretty crappy list.
sammyspam  +   427d ago
Reading this list I was fairly disappointed in the featured ones but I struggled to think about any better ones, either there isn't enough romance in video games or I'm not playing them.
Aleithian  +   427d ago
I can think of a few that deserve a mention. I'm not distinguishing between successful and unsuccessful love stories, but am focusing on the depth of the love and the skill with which it is portrayed.

- Solid Snake & Meryl (MGS)
- Otacon & Sniper Wolf (MGS)
- Cloud Strife & Aeris/Tifa (FFVII)
- Main character & Morrigan (Dragon Age)
Agent2009  +   427d ago
Naked Snake & Eva (MGS3)
Meryl & Akiba (MGS4)
Big Boss & Paz (MGS:PW)
Tex117  +   427d ago
Johnny and River? No Johnny and River from TO THE MOON?!

Yeah, list is BS
SonyStyled  +   427d ago
Jak and Daxter. but not in a homosexual way. theyve got each others back

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