Square Enix still has no plans for Final Fantasy XII HD, says fans need to demand it

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD was released nearly two months ago to resounding success in Japan, but that doesn’t mean Square Enix is ready to commit to a remaster of XII just yet.

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ArchangelMike1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Am I the only one who really loved FFXII. I haven't played every final fantasy game, but I thought this was the best of the bunch I had played. I found it much better than FFX, which is getting a HD remix.

Here's an idea, put it on Playstation Now, I bet you it will make a bucket load of cash.

Transporter471432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

I don't think its better then FFX but its definitely a really good one, I think that one had a great story.

SquareSoft1432d ago

Give Final Fantasy XII a Globe, an open world where player can seamless fly with an Airship from one place to another, circling the world.

abzdine1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

FF12 is easily one of the best FF i have played.
Just tell me where i can demand.

EDIT: how can they say fans need to demand a game when they keep releasing games we never asked for? they are so full of it!!!

Pozzle1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

"how can they say fans need to demand a game when they keep releasing games we never asked for? they are so full of it!!!"

Haha, that was my first thought when I read this article too! If Square made games based on what fans asked for, then FFXV, Kindgom Hearts 3, Type-0, and an FFVII remake would already be released.

hulk_bash19871432d ago

I want an FF XII HD Remakem it was an awesome game and a definite departure from the series norm but in a good way. I'd take a XII remake over 2 XIII sequels any day of the week.

hay1432d ago

Square to human translation: "Buy every re-release we make and we will milk FF12 eventually too, obviously."

Going slightly off, I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to release PS4One version of FF13 sometime soon.

vishmarx1432d ago

where's the frickin demand page?
best ff after 6.
thank god for no cheezy romance BS

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sobotz1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

X is still much better than XII. But, that's just my opinion.

I want them to remaster it just like KH and FFX than releasing the SD/Normal version on PlayStation Now.

x5exotic1432d ago

It's the best FFXII, no emo melodramatic story, best open world I've ever seen, innovative gameplay, seamless battles unlike the shitty one in XIII in some random dimension. Variety of magic.


Magicite1432d ago

ff12 had great combat system, the whole thing, that u can chain monster kills was super fun, and I loved gambits, love automation.

bakagaijin781432d ago

You know, I remember when XII came out and people screamed and cried about how horrible it was because it was nothing like a 'Final Fantasy' game and too much like the MMO XI was.

Now, years later, I see so many people screaming and crying for a remake because it was soooo awesome.

Gamers can be so fickle.

kalkano1432d ago

I think the logical answer is, "they're different people."

kayoss1432d ago

"Fans need to demand it"
Just like how we demanded type-0 to be localized?
Just like how we didn't want anymore fff13?
Or just like how we wanted a remake of ff7.

Take those words and shove it where the sun don't shine.

3-4-51432d ago

Fans: We want A,B & C please

Square: We are giving you........D !

Fans: We don't like D, give us something else. Give us what we asked for.

Square: We listened and heres........D-2 !!!

Fans: ok what ??!!!!

We had to demand a made for Japan only RPG, ( Bravely default), to have them give us the Final Fantasy we want to play.

They Just Don't Get/Comprehend/Understand " it".

Whatever "it", is......they don't get "it"...

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Qwagy UK1432d ago

Never mind FFXII HD how about FFVII HD instead!

sobotz1432d ago

You can patch the HD patch for FF VII on PC.

Ultr1432d ago

I'm playing it at the moment on vita and it looks gorgeous, no need for an HD upgrade. If FF12 was available on psn for vita and ps3/4 I don't need an HD upgrade but I would welcome it for FFXII

kingdom181430d ago

Forget a HDified version of 7, if they were to put any work into it again they should do a reboot.

Noctis1432d ago

well i'm demanding it now! they should release it next spring. keep up the good job SE is doing lately (LR: FXIII excluded) Most people would want it either way since it has that mmo battle feel.

Xavilend1432d ago

Have you seen this game in PCSX2 with the internal resolution cranked up! The game looks freaking awesome, I don't imagine it would take them much effort to scale it to a new format.

Sharius1432d ago

i like FF12 but f*ck you squenix, if you want my money then make this game, if not i'll purchase something else

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