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Neonridr1561d ago

Sigh.. August is so far away. Oh well. Can't wait for this game, looks great.

Abash1560d ago

Better than waiting till this Fall to play it, I was worried they'd aim for a release date close to Halloween

Getting it day one though, I'll be playing the hell out of it on my PS4

Paul851561d ago

Awesome just in time for my birthday!

weirdo1561d ago

looks like i'll need to buy new underwear too #pooptime

Rockefellow1561d ago

Was coming up with an original joke too hard for you? Telling people you poop your pants or need diapers for horror games doesn't make people laugh; it makes them think the person choking it out is an unoriginal imbecile.

If you actually do need a change of underwear while encountering scary things due to some puerile lack of self-control and inadequate potty training, I apologize.

Pozzle1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

I really like the boxart. The sharp point of the logo hovering just above the person's eye looks great.

And it will stand out in a game store, so thats definitely a plus.

Salooh1561d ago

Last video made me unexcited. Hope it's not like that. Still gonna buy it day one ..

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The story is too old to be commented.