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Rumoured March Playstation Plus (Europe) content: Includes Dead Nation for PS4

Once again GamePointsNow has seen next months Playstation Plus line up. And it includes Dead Nation for PS4 (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Dead Nation, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Tomb Raider)

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Philoctetes  +   346d ago
I enjoyed Dead Nation on the PS3. I'd play it again on the PS4 I suppose, but I'd be a little disappointed if this was the March game.

Maybe I'm just spoiled by the string of Resogun - Don't Starve - Outlast.
Deividas  +   346d ago
I agree, good game and would enjoy it but would like a different one possibly. Thought not a lot to choose from currently. I would have liked to see Trine 2.
minimur12  +   346d ago
I think you may feel dissapointed purely because of outlast, it's a AAA quality game, so it's no surprise.

If it went Resogun/Contrast-Outlast-Dont Starve- Dead Nation

You may not be
if you know what I mean
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dantesparda  +   345d ago
Im not disappointed, Im actually surprised, I didnt even know this was being made for the PS4. Im actually looking forward to seeing it. And guys The PS4 is to new for them to be giving out all the new full games, give it time and you'll start seeing them
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hay  +   345d ago
@Philoctetes: Look at it this way: Would you buy Don't Starve and Outlast if it wasn't for free? PS+ isn't only good for AAA titles, it's awesome for all those little games most of us would skip. I know I discovered quite a bunch of nice titles purely through PS+.
Treat it as "cross-buy" without buying the game. PS4 Flower was pretty refreshing, and Dead Nation is full of heavy, dynamic lighting, which might only benefit. Even more zombies on screen maybe.

I'm all into checking it for free.
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Eyeco  +   346d ago
Wow you guys are spoiled by PS+, never thought people would be dissapointed with free games.
KwietStorm  +   346d ago
I bought Dead Nation when it was new. Played it through several times. Platinum trophy. Love the hell out of the game. Can't wait for the sequel. But I would have justification in being disappointed if this is the highlight for next month.
admiralvic  +   346d ago
While I'll probably get a bunch of disagrees... I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of people already have Dead Nation for the PS3. As some people might have forgotten, the PSN got hacked years ago and Sony offered a bunch of games as part of their "welcome back" program. Among them was Dead Nation, which was free in NA and EU ( http://www.digitalspy.com/g... ) with the exception of Germany, so a lot of people probably got or at least had the chance to get Dead Nation for free.

Not knocking the game or saying it's bad for the PS4, just that I can understand people being less than thrilled that a game many got for free is being offered again as a PS4 title, just like I understand the people that get angry when Plus double dips (offering 2 versions of the same game since the game wasn't cross buy. This happened with Jet Grind Radio, which was free with Plus on the Vita and then a few months later the PS3.)
memots  +   346d ago
that would be awesome, i play a couple level and its been on my backlog for a while. This is great news.
Mr_cheese  +   346d ago
I'm really looking forward to dead nation, brought it for the ps3 and loved the dual couch play! Can't wait to have an excuse to break out a second controller with me pal
Abdou023  +   346d ago
Not as Strong as This month, Outlast-Metro: Last Light.
WildArmed  +   346d ago
Agreed, majority of the PSN population got this game for free awhile ago.

It was a great game, but I don't know how I feel it coming around again. Unless it includes all the DLC this time I guess.
tawak  +   345d ago
considered your self lucky. Xbox live doesnt even give any decent free games. if you own ps3,psv,ps4 ps+ is so worth it, especially if you had it for $29 last amazon sale.
JsonHenry  +   345d ago
I bought dead nation back the day it launched on PSN. I liked the game. But hated the fact I couldn't use VoIP to talk to my buddy in NYC that was playing with me. Quickly lost interest waiting on a patch that supported voice. I am assuming they've added voice by now. Maybe I should revisit it and play.
WildArmed  +   345d ago
Yes they have!

The still has a lot of connections issues though :(

1 out of 5 games actually launch. Rest just give you an connection error.
NeoTribe  +   345d ago
Yeah i really hope dead nation is not the US march free ps4 game. Been there done that on ps3. Dont care if its graphics are improved.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   346d ago
because PS+ exists I don't buy any PS3/Vita games anymore :D
Don't know if that's good or bad but it's pretty good for my wallet :D
My subscription does not end until 2019! XD
I am very patient and I still got a lot to play. I'm not falling for any sales or am in dire need to play a game when it is released ^^

PS+ is the best game rental service in the world! :3

I hope MS is going to copy it. It would make me add a gold subscription as well :D
My_precious  +   346d ago
not really, PS+ is great service, but if i really want a game, i'll get it on launch day no matter what, so if devs want my money, better make the game i want to buy and i want to keep, other than that, they are worthless
minimur12  +   346d ago
I agree, i've started buying more games recently because I'm not sure when PS Plus will end, so I recently bought LR: FF13, going to buy South Park soon, (digitally, I'm not hyped enough to get it physically unlike LR, (bought the special edition with a stopwatch& artbook :D, and the guide, a bit dissapointed the collectors ed. didnt some with a steelbook, but I'll survive lmao)
next ps3 game I'm getting, I'm not sure, but I do plan to get the tales from borderlands and game of thrones from telltale, and I'll wait till the reviews for Murdered: Soul Suspect.
I'm also leaving R&C untill I don't have any to play, a time filler if you will :) but that won't be for a while, I've still got Infamous & FFX|X-2 on my vita coming on the same day, haha
ShwankyShpanky  +   346d ago
Same here. I haven't bought a PS3 game since TLoU. Playing Kingdoms of Amalur, DmC, and Metro right now. Now I'm just waiting for the Vita 2000 to drop in the US to put that PS+ Vita backlog to work.

Really hope US PS+ gets Dead Nation. Played the hell out of it on PS3, and would be happy to do so again.
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   346d ago
Awesome games for 4 months!
My_precious  +   346d ago
wtf, EU will get tomb raider really? sony i want ni no kuni next month or atleast metal gear rising for the balance
djplonker  +   346d ago
More playstation to microsoft users in europe (last gen) more subs mean better games!

But because of the ps4 domination I dont think it will take long for north america to start to get more bigger and better games!
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My_precious  +   346d ago
i want to switch to EU too but they don't allow multi account on vita and i don't want to abadon my main account, damn
DarkLord1003  +   346d ago
Isn't secret Ponchos going to be the next free ps4 plus title? I thought they announced it as a plus game last E3
patsrule316  +   346d ago
They did say it would be on PS+, but they didn't say when it would come out, other than it would be PS+ in the first year of the PS4. There was nothing to indicate it would be March.
DarkLord1003  +   346d ago
Ok - thanks ^^
admiralvic  +   346d ago
According to Polygon, it will be free in April http://www.polygon.com/2013... . While thats not the best source, the official website says http://secretponchos.com Q1 2014, so they might JUST miss that for the first week of April, which falls in line with what Polygon said. Naturally this game could get a last minute delay, things happen, but as Patsrule316 said, the only thing 100% confirmed is that it will be free with Plus.
The_BoZZ1991  +   346d ago
Thanks but I don't need it on PS4.
But on PS Vita Dead Nation should be released.
G20WLY  +   346d ago
Remote play it through Vita! ;)
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RosweeSon  +   346d ago
Sorry to say but EU had metal gear a few months ago, tomb raider would be sweet tho.
XtraTrstrL  +   346d ago
I rather they bring something like Pixeljunk Monsters: Ultimate HD. I played Monsters much more than Dead Nation on PS3, but whatever.
sigfredod  +   346d ago
give me dead nation at 1080p 60fps
jackanderson1985  +   346d ago
dead nation hasn't even been announced for the PS4 yet so unless it's a surprise within the next 2 weeks i don't see this happening
admiralvic  +   346d ago
Well, there are a few different ways to look at this rumor. On one hand, GamePointsNow has no reason to lie to you or anyone. They're not an outlet trying to get views and there has only been 11 blog entries since they posted the last rumored list, which turned out to be 100% accurate, I have little reason to believe they're making stuff up / trolling for views.

On the other hand, I find the inclusion of Tomb Raider very suspect. It seems odd that Square Enix would cannibalize sales of the definitive edition by giving the original game for free. It just makes no sense, though Square has been making a lot of stupid moves as of late, so I wouldn't say it's impossible either. As you also mentioned, Dead Nation has yet to be announced, though it has been rumored to release for a while now. It's entirely possible it might just release one day and Sony isn't talking about it because they don't want backlash over it not being a cross-buy title and or they don't think it's worth the hassle to really hype. Hard to say, though I wouldn't say it's beyond reason.
Lilrizky  +   346d ago
Yeah, I mean didn't sony release flow or flower out of nowhere?
jackanderson1985  +   346d ago
Personally I've nothing against them it's just the fact nothing has been mentioned about the game and it's roughly two weeks before it's supposedly free on PS+.

I'm a recent enough subscriber to PS+ (Got the vita in April signed up
To plus on septemer so that's my knowledge) but I just feel they're mixing it up to the ps3 line up with maybe PS4 being skipped this month

Me personally I'm an equal opportunistic gamer. Haven't played the game before and if it came to either PS3 or PS4 I'd be fine with it cuz I'm fortunate enough to
Have both console

Edit: on my phone and slightly inebriated so if there's mix ups giver 8 hours to fix em
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Fishy Fingers  +   346d ago
Rather something I hadn't already had on my PSN+ from last gen.
DarkZane  +   346d ago
Considering Dead Nation on PS4 doesn't exist, this is obviously fake on the PS4 part.

Housemarque teased Dead Nation 2 earlier last year, but with no infos since then, very doubtful it's releasing in march.
djplonker  +   346d ago
What could the free ps4 game be other than dead nation are any announced to be out in march?
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MasterCornholio  +   346d ago
That would be a surprise.

Even though Sony gave me Dead Nation for free i never got into it. But if i get it with plus i might play this title again.
tigertron  +   346d ago
As much as I like Dead Nation, I'll be disappointed if it's the main game.

Though, nothing has been said about a Dead Nation PS4 version, so I remain sceptical.
jegheist2014  +   346d ago
octodad spose to be out march but late march i beleive wish was early march

we might also get suprise as lastm inute getting 2 games in march for free since octodad was spsoe to be free title i read months back
admiralvic  +   346d ago
"we might also get suprise as lastm inute getting 2 games in march for free since octodad was spsoe to be free title i read months back"

According to whom? I've never ONCE seen any document, post or article that ever even hinted at Octodad being a PlayStation Plus title. However, I did find a reddit topic asking if Octodad was coming to Plus and the lead programmer said "We are not against doing a PS plus version someday, but March is unlikely." This post was made 14 days ago, which means it's EXTREMELY unlikely that this changed in the past 2 weeks.
BlueCroup  +   346d ago
Octodad has been delayed slightly (maybe until April) hence why it missed the list
admiralvic  +   346d ago
As I mentioned in my other post, I've never heard anyone say Octodad was going to be free with Plus and evidence suggests that it might be in the future, but not on release.
DualWielding  +   346d ago
Tomb Raider was on PS+ sale on December and I got it so I hope in the U.S. we get somethign else
ShinnokDrako  +   346d ago
If it's Dead Nation, i hope it's a new chapter or something, not a port. I didn't even know they were making a DN for PS4, i knew for Vita (or something like that, not sure).
It was great, it was nice and funny but... i'd like something else ;P on PS3 i finished it ages ago.
Gamesgbkiller  +   346d ago
March is so filled with games.

Few will notice this game if this is true.
Mister_G  +   346d ago
My PS4 will be unplugged towards the back-end of March because I'll be playing Dark Souls 2.

That might last me months and months (hopefully) :)
Lilrizky  +   346d ago
True, with south park, MGS: GZ, Infamous, Titanfall and Thief coming out around that time, I find it hard that i'm going to be inclined to play it. But it'll be nice to play when there's a calm in the wind.
grassyknoll  +   346d ago
Dead Nation is one of the best games on PSN. A PS4 version has my heart a flutter (would prefer a sequel myself, but never played the original's DLC). Hopefully it's 1080p / 60fps. Sony, get Demon Soul's & Journey on PS4 please.
MechaGear  +   346d ago
Yes, Journey, pretty please.
Evolve  +   346d ago
It would be super awesome if Dead Nation's PS4 includes new modes, weapons and maps. As PlayStation 4 is the most powerful console so far.
waltyftm  +   346d ago
I Love PS+.
Snappy  +   346d ago
It will be dead nation 2
Nocando  +   346d ago
I know this sounds silly but Dead Nation 2 is making me want the Ps4. I know there are a lot of other great games but this was by far my favorite on Ps3.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   346d ago
Dead Nation isn't even announced for PS4.
Takwin  +   346d ago
PS4 is my first Playstation product, I love it, and PS+ has been so great. Don't Starve has eaten up well over 100 hours for me, and I absolutely love it. Contrast, Resogun, and Outlast are all great games and I am glad to have gotten them and played them. This one might go to #2. I doubt any free game will surpass Don't Starve - for me - for some time.
Goro  +   346d ago
PS4 & PS Vita games don't interest me at all, I already have Tomb Raider so it's just Brothers for me.
WitWolfy  +   346d ago
Sweet bring tomb raider on ps3 just finished it on my ps4 be great to play it for a third time
Mister_G  +   346d ago
I've already completed Dead Nation on PS3, but if it's got new levels etc. and has more zombies on-screen it'll be worth another play :)
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