Titanfall PC Video Card Benchmark - The Best Video Cards for Titanfall

GamersNexus: "In this Titanfall benchmark & analysis, we look at the best video cards for Titanfall, framerates (FPS), performance of APUs, SLI configs, & CrossFire, and more; the graphics devices we tested on Titanfall include AMD's 7850 1GB (+ CrossFire), the A10-5800K Trinity APU (7660D), NVIDIA's GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB (+ SLI), GTX 760 2GB, and GTX 580 1.5GB (for reference), and Intel's HD4000 integrated graphics processor (IGP) on the 3rd-Gen Ivy Bridge CPUs. This IGP is also found in modern Haswell CPUs."

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NaAsAr1531d ago

my amd 7950 3gb @ 1200/1533 should run this fine at max settings on my 60" led screen

Nuk1531d ago

I bet that would look nice. Can't wait to play it on my 60" pioneer

Magicite1531d ago

aint 60 a bit overkill? :P
Anyway I prefer playing consoles on HDTV and PC games on monitor.

NaAsAr1531d ago

I don't see the shuddering this article is referring to. plus on my setup I have yet to see the fraps meter to any lower than 60fps except during menu transition.

KillerPwned1531d ago

My MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk Edition is running this perfectly maxed out pretty fluid but I don't know the FPS.

come_bom1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

You could use Fraps to know the FPS it's running. I would like to know since I also have a GTX 560 Ti, but don't have access to the beta.

KillerPwned1531d ago

I been meaning to download that lately to record some gameplay of games. Just haven't had the time...should do that now.

dark_1011531d ago

My 7970ghz edition
1080p All max v-sync 60FPS

Honestly, I think any new card can handle the game perfectly... I mean it doesn't load the GPU all the way like crysis 3 and metro

ninjagoat1531d ago

660ti runs it flawless no issues 60fps+ 1080p don't have to look to far beyond that tbh.

ABizzel11531d ago

To be honest performance is only going to get better. AMD cards aren't fully optimized yet, and NVIDIA cards are still lacking a bit as well. I'd be surprised if a 7850 didn't eat TitanFall, and it'll boil down to lack of complete optimization (same problem with COD:Ghost).

That's one of the downsides of being a smaller team releasing on multiple platforms at once. Optimizations take a hit.

kingduqc1531d ago

It run on pretty much everything considering it's also on 360.. my 670 ran it just fine in 1440p

KontryBoy7061531d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't seen a reason to upgrade my 670 yet.

Lelldorianx1531d ago

No... it was ported backwards for the 360. If you looked at the benchmarks before commenting, you'd see the exact opposite of what you said is true. It failed in two tests and basically failed SLI by means of microstutter.

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