Kinect And GamePad Are Both Deadweights

Games Industry International: "It's pretty hard to figure out exactly where the new generation of consoles stand in terms of sales right now, but the general picture is clear. PS4, still supply constrained in many markets, leads Xbox One by at least a million consoles sold, possibly as much as two million - so the oft-cited ratio of 1.5:1 seems to be holding. Assuming little else changes, that ratio will tip even further in Sony's favour in the coming weeks, with the PS4 finally launching in Japan, a market where it can expect to sell very strongly - although I wouldn't expect to see the dominant 3DS removed from the top of the hardware charts for too many weeks."

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AKR1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I don't agree.

Both are very innovative in their own right - when used correctly.

While Kinect has never been my cup of tea; I still see that it has some serious potential, if it's implemented correctly.

I own a Wii U - and I can tell you right off the bat that the Gamepad is an amazing controller. Exactly; it's a CONTROLLER - not a "tablet wanna-be". That touchscreen has added a layer of depth that didn't even exist in the home-console space, prior - and when it's used in conjunction with the Wii Remote (like in Pikmin 3) - it's even more amazing.

If developers really take the reigns of both of these inventions - great things can be achieved.

- That's my two cents -

hated_individual1499d ago

I completely agree with you!

Kinect has a lot of potential yet I think it is still ahead of its time, it could have use in RTS and TBS games. Maybe some RPG's or cyberpunk kinda game where you are like a hacker or something...

Wii U gamepad is not useless to begin with, it is a regular controller with a single touch screen. It is practical and you can do a lot of things with it, voice/video chat, can act as keyboard, draw board, it has own stereo speakers, off tv play, etc...

Wii U and its gamepad is like a stationary DS with a lot of horse power... lmao Right?

Nocando1499d ago

I would like something like Mass Effect 4 to utilize Kinect and enable us to actually have conversations with the characters.

AceBlazer131499d ago

Or you could utilize a mic?

The wii u controller has potential though.

1499d ago
Chrischi19881498d ago

So true^^ Unbelievable, that some people call the same old controller, for god knows how long, "NEXT GEN".

Next Gen graphics, granted, but what else? Only stuff, a normal gamer normally should not care about. Who cares for streaming their games? Truly, there are some, but these guys could use some extra gadget for that, no need to make everyone buy that feature...

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Nero13141499d ago

They both should be optional

KakashiHotake1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

You have the shortest comment of everyone, yet it makes the most sense.

videgamenext11499d ago

They kinda already are. You dont have to use both for a lot of games. I can boot up my wiiu and get into certain games without even touching the gamepad

mmj1499d ago


The point is the majority of people would rather choose not to buy them.

I'd bet that they are adding significant cost to each console, yet like you say most games don't require them.

AKR1499d ago

Kinect? Yes, I agree.

The Gamepad?
Well - in my own opinion - I'm glad it's the mainline, instead of an add~on.

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

As far as the Game Pad is concerned, it should always be packaged with the system.
But to even things out, they should start packaging a pro controller in alongside it with every single system sold.

Chrischi19881498d ago

So both become totally useless? For an extra device to become not useless, the developers must be sure, if they use that gadget in their games, that they still cater to all owners of that system. You dont know what you are talking about. Why dont we watch, how successful the PS Camera is or how great the Vita will do... You know, Vita at least is something on its own, but still, these things have to come with the console, or die right away, in order to be successfully used.

There is absolutely no need for it to be used in every game, but there is the need to be packaged with every system.

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imXify1499d ago

Sorry but they both should be optional. Why force people to pay more for something that in the end some of them wont even use it often. PS4 wins at this because you get the basic set that "does the job"

wonderfulmonkeyman1499d ago

The game pad "Does the job" too.
It is not lacking in ANY area compared to the PS4's controller, unless you want to nitpick about the way the shoulder buttons work.
It's just as viable; people just like to bitch about it because it's big and because it's from Nintendo.

TFJWM1499d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman It not that it is lacking, the problem is it doesn't add a lot to most games and it inflates the price of Wii-U by a good amount

Geekman1499d ago

Well like I said, there wouldn't BE any competition if both companies just decided to throw out a PS4 clone.

Vegamyster1499d ago

I own the original Kinect and never thought much of it, it was cool for a bit but i lost interest quickly. The Wii-U gamepad I've enjoyed quite a bit due to offscreen play and it makes going through menu's or using apps like Youtube far less tedious.

R00bot1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

You use the youtube app? What. Everyone knows the Youtube app on the Wii U is horrible, the browser destroys it at everything.

Vegamyster1499d ago


I never had any issues with it, far better then the 360's app lol.

deafdani1498d ago

Vega, use Youtube on the Wii U browser. Then you will see how the app is terrible in comparison. ;)

Eonjay1499d ago

I think that Kinect has great application, but not so much in gaming. Imagine using it to simulate surgery for med students. That would be awesome. The gamepad has great applications, but mainly as a map for inventory manager in game or saving stats. It can be an integral part of the experience if it diverts your attention away from the screen at important moments.

dedicatedtogamers1499d ago

The console market is shrinking. This isn't the time for special snowflake egotistical ideas or trojan horses for non-gaming aspirations. In this modern game market, either you're the best gaming console, or you're not and you fall behind. Based on the overwhelming success of both the 3DS and the PS4 (arguably, the best platforms in their markets) it would seem that people simply want to play a great game on a great console. The era of "PS3: It only does everything" is dead.

staticdash221499d ago

THIS is what I've been trying to say all along. Spot on.

staticdash221499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

But I don't have any INTEREST in your innovation. Just give me the console, and call it a day. This can't be so hard to understand, it's not.

TFJWM1499d ago

Let me correct that for you. You do not have any INTEREST in console innovation. I assume you still want games to be innovative?

NeoTribe1499d ago

Kinect has had YEARS to be used correctly and it has fallen flat on its face over and over and over and over and over and over again.... kinect is plain and simply NOT a device for gaming. Fact.

medman1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Edonus is seriously trying to make a comparison between the ps4's touch pad and wii u's gamepad and kinect. The touch pad hasn't added any cost whatsoever when buying a ps4 controller. Now compare that to the pricing of a replacement kinect or gamepad (if you can find a gamepad to purchase individually). So considering that, the touchpad doesn't belong in this conversation as the gamepad and kinect add price to the wii u and xbone where the touchpad does not. And if you're going to implement a feature that costs gamers at retail, it should work better and actually provide more benefit to the average consumer than the gamepad or the kinect currently provide. Case closed.

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1upgamer991499d ago

Well without the gamepad I think Nintendo would have a hell of a time mankind DS/3DS titles avaiable on Wii U e-shop, and I like the gamepad period.

1upgamer991499d ago

Well without the gamepad I think Nintendo would have a hell of a time making DS/3DS titles avaiable on Wii U e-shop, which is starting soon and I like the gamepad period.

Chrischi19881498d ago

Yes, how great would 3DS Titles be? That would help Wii U surely, without harming 3DS sales that much. I would love to play A Link Between Worlds, but dont own a 3DS. I mean, it would work perfectly. Everyone with a 3D TV could play these games in 3D and the rest, play it like a 2DS for example.

Nintendo would help themselves and the Wii U with this, because there would definitely be some people, who would consider getting a Wii U then, it would be like Vita TV, just useable at home, but at Wii U goodies to it, some would get a Wii U then, even if they only wanted a 3DS.

BoneBone1499d ago

It's fun to read all the comments in the article from programmers, modellers and other people involved in the games business, saying how much they like the GamePad!!

Man_Son1499d ago

This article is personal opinion only!!