[Continue Play] First Impressions: Yakuza: Restoration

Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla takes a look at Yakuza: Restoration - known in Japan as Ryuu Ga Gotoku: Ishin! - explains just what on earth is going on in it for who don't speak Japanese, and finds it to be shaping up as a vast improvement over the lackluster Yakuza 5.

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sarshelyam1590d ago

I really hope ATLUS confirms this for NA and other non-Asian regions. I'm confident EU would love to have this as well.

morganfell1590d ago

Lackluster Yakuza 5? No, just no. It's shaping up to be incredible but 5 was hardly lackluster.

sarshelyam1589d ago

I would agree. Yakuza 5 is amazing. Each iteration of this series has been great and, while some don't really advance they gameplay, they're always written well and retain their relevance in the grand scheme of the story. The only questionable release would be Yakuza of the Dead, but that was never intended to be taken was simply fun!