10 Games For Single People on Valentine’s Day

"You’ve been anticipating this day for months - February 14. Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’ve approached it with dread. Maybe with hope. Or maybe with indifference. Well, if you find yourself sitting at home all by your lonesome, Grab It Magazine has got you covered."

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iosgamer1402d ago

I bought my iPad some flowers today....

Mr Pumblechook1402d ago

Once upon a time virtual pets Tamagotchi were all the range. Isn't there any similar virtual girlfriend games for iOS? Not for me... for my friend... honest.

Agent20091402d ago

I didn't even get a stupid love card in school, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THOSE GIRLS.

Stupid day.

Pwnage182021402d ago

Dude it's ok neither did I....... neither did I

sammyspam1402d ago

No Singles Flirt Up Your Life? Perfect alternative to The Sims for single people!