Top 10 Video Game Weapons of All Time

Alexander Hinkley gives you his list of the top 10 video game weapons of all time - And there are a lot to choose from!

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malokevi1432d ago

Lol. Of course the BFG.

wagnus1432d ago

"People who use the AWP are often derided for having “no skill” by their victims but that hasn’t deterred anybody from using it over and over. "


sammyspam1432d ago

Perfectly overpowered number one option (I won't spoil it here). Definitely some obscure inclusions on this article, if only it wasn't a slideshow.

azazel6651432d ago

I remember having some epic hour long LAN parties thanks to that weapon.

MWH1432d ago

not all time no, not all of them.

and no list is complete without Turok's cerebral bore.

jagstatboy1432d ago

not clicking on 10 different pages.