Titanfall’s Xbox One Textures Improved from Alpha to Beta: Respawn Vindicated

When the first images of the alpha of Respawn’s Titanfall were released around the net a big scandal exploded due to the low resolution of the game’s textures. Respawn repesentatives mentioned that the Xbox One textures of the alpha weren’t final, but “insiders” retorted by saying that according to their sources they were indeed final.

Respawn Entertainment maintained its position, also mentioning that they had nothing to gain from lying. Apparently, they were right, as a comparison between direct feed screenshots of the alpha and the beta does indeed show a degree of improvement in the definition of at least part of the textures.

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jackanderson19851499d ago

so CBOAT, famousmortimer and thuway all wrong? wonder if Respawn will get an apology or will they use the old excuse of "they updated it since i got the info"

Abriael1499d ago

They may have very well been fed false information. I'm more surprised that they believed it, because a game shipping with the textures we saw in alpha is pure fiction.

JokesOnYou1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Well they work for sony, so I don’t take them seriously when it comes to anything xbox related.

"As further evidence, you can observe the pictures below. They compare the Xbox One Alpha and Beta with the PC version with textures on “high” and “insane.” Again, check out the area indicated by the arrows, and you’ll notice that the resolution of the Xbox One Beta’s textures is evidently better than the PC version on “high,” and similar to the PC version on “insane.”

loulou1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Thuway is 100% a sony shill enough said

Dodd is just someone craving attention

And the infamous cboat.... Although misterx is seriously getting trolled by someone, he totally outed the fact that cboat doesn't exist, and is just an account used by the "firm" on sonygaf

Whatever little credibility GAF had, Mrx took a wrecking ball to it and cboat.

It seems ironic that someone ridiculed so much could do so much damage

Anyone got a spare beta code pm if you have please

adorie1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

That or Respawn was just quick to react. Either way, this is very good news for Xbox One gamers.

I read through misterxmedia
It is the biggest load of hyperbole, dare I say? That I have ever read or just plain seen?

Your comment about taking a wrecking ball to GAF is comical as you have no doubt been banned or accept the misinformation fed to you by true shills, such as misterxmedia.

loulou1499d ago


My account is still good on GAF... I don't use it often.

And Mrx lol like I said he is getting seriously trolled, and repeats the nonsense that he is getting fed.

But that famous "digging" proved many things and the fact that the mods are in on the cover up. The truth always has a way bubbling to the surface

Sorry if you impression of GAF doesn't match mine, accept it, cboat doesn't exist, and is just the conduit for peoples agenda.

The writing style isn't to hide one persons identity, it is too hide several peoples...

mmj1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I predicted this in the original thread, make a big deal out of crap textures to take attention away from the low resolution. Then come release rather than criticising the low resolution people will just be happy that the textures aren't crap... it's all about lowering peoples expectations.

KingDadXVI1499d ago Show
Kayant1499d ago

"Well they work for sony, so I don’t take them seriously when it comes to anything xbox related." - Sure they do /s. Am sure that's what misterx has ensured you. Even though the only one of the three you could make a case for that is CBOAT because famousmortimer and thuway are in the public eye. They are not hiding who they are if you look around you can see they clearly don't work for sony.


"Dodd is just someone craving attention" - True he did say so himself but doesn't change the fact his info has been the most accurate of all three so far iirc.

"But that famous "digging"- It's in their F.A.Q not to dig up people's info for obvious reasons so why do you think they wouldn't lock down stuff that could get someone fired? After All there are industry professionals that give out info and want to stay anonymous to protect their jobs.

"Whatever little credibility GAF had, Mrx took a wrecking ball to it and cboat." - The only thing he did was reveal that CBOAT is an account medium used for leaks with info from different places when you look at the things the account has leaked in the past.

Labeling neogaf as *Sonygaf* just shows ignorance because the amount of pro-sony users I have watched getting banned and people saying negative and dumb stuff about XB1 or MS getting banned will show you how far from the truth that label is.

Mister_Dawg1499d ago

Well perhaps insiders should make sure they have legit information, otherwise they should just stfu. They're basically attention seeking butt munchers.

Mithan1498d ago

Agreed, but the idiots took it in anyways.

blusoops1498d ago

I feel sorry for anyone who actually believes anything mrX has to say. Especially those who believe him and at the same time call CBOAT and others Sony shills.

It's fine if u don't want to believe what's on neogaf, but at least those posters have a good track record.

Mr. X is just pure fiction lol.

tuglu_pati1498d ago

I don't visit Neogaf anymore. Its a bunch of wanna be insiders spouting bull crap.

Septic1498d ago

Another instance where these so-called leakers are wrong. I'm starting to think they have their own agendas.

ShwankyShpanky1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

@loulou: Oh my word... we've got someone using Misterxmedia as a "source" for... something.

The same Misterxmedia that still claims Ekim is a NeoGAF mod. Which... um... he's not.

But hey... an anonymous commenter on his blog says that his friend that works at Ubisoft told him that MS will unlock the full 128MB of eSRAM in July, which Misterx is now running with as "confirmed" by a "UbiSoft source."

Don't worry though, loulou... "keep digging."

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IanVanCheese1499d ago

They usually are. They have legit contacts but they all get it second hand and its always either obvious stuff or incorrect.

StifflerK1499d ago

Agreed - we should call them out on this.

I'm amazed at how much attention Thuway/Mortimer/Cboat get for being flat out wrong 90% of the time, and for stating the obvious the other 10%.

MaverickStar71499d ago

My thoughts exactly. Anyone who follows gaming can come of with what these "insiders" come up with. Months down the road when the real information comes out people will forget all the wrong information they put out there. But if they get one or two guesses everyone will remember that and believe they are a credible inside source.

TruthInsider 1498d ago

What about the drones that follow & believe MisterXMedia and the "dig" insider who move the goalposts everytime something doesn't come true.

Tell me, out of every single thing insider has said which part has come true?

Answer: None!

malokevi1499d ago

so... are we going to stop believing these self-proclaimed "insiders" every time they spew crap from their mouths. I said from the beginning that Respawn would have no reason to lie and that people should use their heads. Why believe someone who has a reputation to uphold over a nameless faceless nobody?

Of course, most of you called me a fanboy, downvoted me to oblivion, and then went on to make snarky remarks about how "xbox done" or something lame like that.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. Love it when you kids eat crow. Now chow down, because we have crow appetizers, crow entrees, and even crow ice cream for dessert, with optional crow coffee should you be interested.

deviouslight1498d ago

Game is still ugly not much of a difference. Expected more

Gunstar751498d ago

Most of these insiders are attention seeking, self-proclaimed Demi-gods who could patch the hole in the ozone layer with their egos.

Any of us could throw a load of predictions out there and I'm sure a few will come true...

Throw enough mud and some will stick.

We should have a crack at some predictions....

corvusmd1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

They should get an apology since in this case that excuse shouldn't work...the whole point was that it WOULD get updated...and that is exactly what Respawn said would happen, but those guys (I can't even remember which guy now) said that it wouldn't get the fact that it did is what makes them wrong.

That being said, I love that this game looks and runs so great, and I'm glad that it's living upto/exceeding the's EXTREMELY rare that a game ever does that anymore. We've become spoiled as gamers and no matter how good a game is, we usually trash it...this game seems to be such a breath of fresh air that (almost) everyone is super excited about it.

starchild1498d ago

Whether thuway is a Sony shill or not, one thing is obvious: he has an agenda and has a strong pro-Sony bias.

BallsEye1498d ago

They were always wrong. They are just marketing tools. If they are sometimes right it's damn pure luck. How can n4g quote neogaf as news source is just beyond me.

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mcstorm1499d ago

Looks good. Cant wait for this game not long left now but ill have DK to keep me going until then.

Eonjay1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

With all due respect, none of these textures are what I would call high fidelity. The PC textures are clearly better though.

Edit, nevermind... I do see where the PC high version has some textures that are actually worse than the Xbox One version. Infact, the "insane PC graphics" have textures in some parts that are worse than the Xbox One version. I'm not sure how that happened. Is the PC version gimped?

TheRedButterfly1498d ago

Remember when Respawn/EA/Microsoft said that the Xbox One version was the definitive platform?

Utalkin2me1499d ago

Really? Slightly improved Gun and character model textures.

windblowsagain1499d ago

Wow even maxed textures on PC, still looks crap.

Those high rez textures are medium on any other

Fishy Fingers1499d ago

Yeah but gameplay > graphics is all I hear when it suits.

Certainly not setting any benchmarks graphically, but shaping up to be incredibly fun. I'll settle for fun.

windblowsagain1499d ago

Not saying it's not fun. Looks fast and fluid. Just watched some gameplay.

But Textures are not good.

But i understand using source engine will have compromises. That's why it was used for X1, so it would have 60fps while looking ok.

Fishy Fingers1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Yeah it's certainly not going to win any beauty contests. Even on PC (version I'm getting) it looks dated. But as long as it's good fun, I'm not to bothered. Got great looking games that I rarely play because the gameplay doesn't do it for me.

I agree on the reasoning behind the Source engine, whatever platform, it needs a decent frame rate, Source will allow a lot more middle spec PC gamers to enjoy it to.

thehitman1498d ago

Gameplay should be > graphics but who wants to spend $500+tax on something they can get on their 360 already. I defended TF with the 6v6 argument as I see it is no biggy or even the AI implementations, but one thing that wont change is that the game looks like shit. Even on PC it looks like shit idc what version of the game they displayed up there they all look like a game running on mid settings.

It is very hard to go and play games like BF4 KZ:SF and other games that are pulling off amazing textures and resolution and then look at a piece of turd. Graphics do matter or we wouldn't spend the money we do on new systems. I understand the respawn team is small as they couldnt even do the 360 port themselves but you would think they would use a better engine as being under EA now there is frostbite and many other engines then the crap they used.

Gunstar751498d ago


It seems that all some people care about is how "pretty" things look. Graphics whores are so early 90's !

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