Plus XP: Dark Souls II Hands On Preview

CJ from Plus XP writes: "Dark Souls 2’s opening sequence, previously scissored and pseudo-seen in recent trailers, unfolded within its full, voluptuous form – and I fell into the beckoning vortex below.

Cracked sky and a jagged moon, the ghosts of whispering winds confuse the very air that surrounds, waist high grass tickling at my ravaged, rag-wrapped form. Dark Souls 2 had begun.
As those playing the game at surrounding desks ran on, I moved slowly, senses devouring every nuance, as I cautiously set about exploring this exciting new land; footsteps laboured as if I was actually there, breathing constricted by both the ominous and magnificent in equal measure."

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Hellsvacancy1470d ago

I'm ready.............. to die

joab7771470d ago

All I can ask is please stop with these wait...dont cant take it. This game needs to release NOW!

Hugodastrevas1470d ago

I need to know more but i don't want to be spoiled!

Kos-Mos1470d ago

I haven`t seen a trailer since the first one. Haha, no spoilers for me. I`m strong and will be well rewarded just like in the game itself!

eyeDEVOUR1470d ago

Great read!!! The author needs to be hired for a bigger publication... Good writing and fun to read!