Press Start To Begin - Life Cycle Of Consoles

John Koller speculated that the PlayStation 3 will be supported for up to four more years. Is this true? Do video game companies continue to support previous generation consoles? This article looks at past trends to see if that is the case.

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tweet751616d ago

i just wish companies would make consoles to last as long as other media like dvds , cds etc where a console doesnt go out of date for decades. They could do this by making it "expandable" and built to last.

3-4-51615d ago

They do. Nintendo does anyway, it's that Developer's stop making games for systems when it isn't profitable anymore.

If you could make a SNES game right now that would sell 30 million copies, people would do it.

tweet751614d ago

and most snes would still be working from 22 years ago to play it on. I sometimes wonder if modern consoles will still work in 20 years