Titanfall Beta Access with Pre-Orders at GAME plus eBay sales of codes

Respawn said that beta entry was not guaranteed to pre-orders, but it seems it can't hurt your chances either. Plus there's always eBay.

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jay21345d ago

That's f**king cheeky of GAME, Vince pre-ordering doesn't let you in the BETA, GAME Pre-order for the BETA.

Wargrave1345d ago

The power of the pre-order continues to skyrocket.

kyon1471345d ago

That is a bit of a shame that even if you pre-order the game you can not get into the beta.

BX811345d ago

I signed up for the beta and still no code. Anyone else?

IanVanCheese1345d ago

It looks like codes are limited.

jackanderson19851345d ago

they're limited and they're also doing them on a rolling basis so a bunch will get them immediately then a another bunch later on and so on and so forth

pompombrum1345d ago

Funny, I got 2 codes sent to the same email address.. signed up for the PC version and got 2 X1 codes. They are sending codes out randomly it seems. I got my first code at 5:21am UK time and my second at 12:51pm UK time.

jackanderson19851344d ago

wanna send me one of those X1 codes? pretty please?

pompombrum1344d ago

Sorry I've given all my other codes away now.

jackanderson19851344d ago

Damn you ha no worries I'm just getting desperate at this point. So if anyone had a spare code they wanna give to me drop me a message and I'll be eternally gratefully

famoussasjohn1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

No code for me yet, signed up for both PC and Xbox One.

Update, just got one for PC!!!!

pompombrum1345d ago

And it was a PC code? I'm jealous!

famoussasjohn1345d ago

aiBreeze - Yeah, it has instructions to go to Origin and input it there, it's also not in the format for Xbox codes so it is indeed for Origin.

BX811344d ago

Damn just got home and no luck. I think its a random thing as well.

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chizzy2011345d ago

i signed up for pc and got a xboxone code..... gutted

IanVanCheese1345d ago

contact Respawn on Twitter, they are doing stuff to sort people who got the wrong code.

chizzy2011345d ago

THANKS just been sent an email back with how to change it over too pc... its happened to alot of people..

jackanderson19851345d ago

wanna send it to me? pretty please?

famoussasjohn1345d ago

Wanna make a trade? I just got one for PC.

chizzy2011345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

i have been to the ea help website where the change over your code for you... can take upto 2 hours tho..

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The story is too old to be commented.