DayZ on Next-Gen: "I have talked extensively with Microsoft"

GR-UK writes: "In a recent interview with Gamereactor, Dean "Rocket" Hall confirmed that he has had "extensive" discussions with Microsoft with regards to a console version of his hit zombie survival simulator, DayZ."

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tee_bag2421586d ago

I really hope console users get to experience day z, but
it would be hard to have these encounters on the consoles though

PeaSFor1586d ago

i prefer Rust, but i still got DayZ and played a lot, btw the game is barely at 20% so expect it to land on consoles in like...15years.

tee_bag2421586d ago

Yeah, its got a long way to go. Check out 7 days to Die too if you like rust.

ZodTheRipper1585d ago

Microsoft: Hey would like to port DayZ to Xbox?
Developer: Yes I wanted to make it multiplatform someday.
Microsoff: Forget multiplatform here have [considerable amount of cash].

Next day:
"I have talked extensively with Microsoft!"

THC CELL1586d ago

he will not be limited with policy with sony.

BABY-JEDI1586d ago

He knows that. I'm sure he's trying to barter a better deal from MS. I personally believe Sony would be more accommodating for his vision

Deadmonkey761586d ago

Ms could fund the rest of the project and convince them to make it exclusive to PC and xbox one.

BABY-JEDI1585d ago

@ dead monkey
That's a possibility, but I think that would be a real cop-out for Rocket. The project is ticking over the way he wants. I don't think he will open his doors to MS. If that was the case, they would be there already.

Akuma071585d ago

Deadmonkey is correct.

This news kind of sounds like MS is going to buy Day exclusivity. He would be dumb to refuse them really.

theXtReMe11586d ago

I thought this was already in development for the PS4. It looks incredible. I love the openness of the world and the realistic landscape. Not to mention, the crazy random encounters like the one in the video posted above. LoL.

Hopefully, we will hear something soon, as I would love to play it.

jackanderson19851586d ago

naw it's PC first and foremost with an afterthought for the consoles if they're willing

SnakeCQC1586d ago

People are jackasses in this game and will screw you over constantly or maybe i've just had bad luck lol

jackanderson19851586d ago

constantly do yeah... worst bunch are those that camp at the spawn points with rifles and stuff... they should at least give u a chance to move before gunning you down

MrDead1586d ago


That drives me crazy, even when they can see you have no gear to loot they gun you down.

webeblazing1585d ago

Console gamers sure do love PC exclusives that they say PC gamers Dont have.

Revvin1586d ago

I'm disappointed with Dayz so far, it feels like stepping back 18 months so I hope Rocket will be doing less talking and mountain climbing and getting on with finishing this already late standalone. Too much missing so the group I play with have gone back to Dayz Epoch while we wait for Dayz to mature a little more

hellzsupernova1586d ago

Yeah we moved on as well. And rust seems to be popular?

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1586d ago

I see it coming to both next gen/current gen what ever people like to call it haha as last year there was a interview with Dean saying he had been in talks with Sony and now he is in talks with MS it will come but not until the pc version is completed so probably late 2015 early 2016

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The story is too old to be commented.