It's Here! The Retail PlayStation 3 Arrives

Find out about what's in the box, compatibility options, PSP connectivity and more.

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TheXgamerLive3904d ago

Nothing was working basically on the ps3, hillarious. Yeah yeah, I'm sure it's b/c it was a test model right? LOL!

OutpostCommand3903d ago



Good news post.

borncult3903d ago

Received my PS3 today from Japan:),cousins stood in que for me,how nice.Plugged it in set it up,played resistance and ridge racer7 for maybe 2/3 hours and wham,the console makes a click noise and a red light flashes and the screen is blank,I tried everything to get it working again,but everytime I switch it on,the red light flashes again.Now im sitting with $800 worth of nothing,have to pay courier to Japan and back,fck...frustrating!

kmis873903d ago

If you are completely making it up because you love Microsoft so much (from one of your posts) I would say that all ps3s have a one year warranty so you're not completely screwed over.

Arkham3902d ago

Yeah, you received a PS3 from Japan and played 3 hours, and then came here and posted?

You're full of something, and it rhymes with *ssh*le.

borncult3902d ago

Yeah but I love BMW and Honda,saying I love microsoft doesnt say I dont like Sony you idiot.Im sending my PS3 back for repair,everyone deserves a second chance,so Im not ditching the console,besides it was expensive.

@Arkham,timezones dude,better wake up and smell the focking roses,not everyone lives in the Unitedstates

kmis873902d ago

I'll just remain suspicious. Unless you went out of your way and posted pictures or something I probably won't believe you. Sorry, but the internet is full of people lying and pretending to be things they aren't, so I'm gonna have to be skeptical of things people say.

Grown Folks Talk3902d ago

i look forward to my Sooners beating the Tarheels for the ncaa basketball championship this year. BOOMER SOONER!!!

kmis873902d ago

What are you smoking? With the greatest incoming freshman class in recent memory, player of the year Tyler Hansbrough, and the greatest coach in the biz there is no one that can stand in the way of the Tar Heels.

Grown Folks Talk3902d ago

i don't expect much of them this year with the new staff. we'll see. they seem to play well UNTIL the tourney, maybe it'll change this season. let's see if your boy Capel can get them to the dance. hopefully no Oregon duck's calls in the basketball season.

kmis873902d ago

Awesome avatar, btw. I'm a huge bulls fan. The main reason I'm a Tar Heels fan is because of MJ.

Arkham3902d ago

No kidding - I assumed you were at least in Europe if not Asia, but that still doesn't improve the stench of your claim.

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Marty83703902d ago

borncult - Your PS3 could have got damage in transit.That's if your telling the truth.