Project Spark Xbox One Beta Coming Early March in 1080p

The latest Project Spark live stream revealed that the Xbox One beta will be coming early next month and be available in 1080p.

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lolCHILLbro1585d ago

Even if it was 720p this game looks awesome! cant wait to play this on my Xbox One! or "Xbone" as the nerds call it lol

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Septic1585d ago

Yeah the resolution wouldn't deter me from such an ambitious and brilliant looking game.

The ingenuity of others when it comes to creating content when you give them the tiols is astounding. Look at LBP for proof. Still astounded at how that one chap created that 3D game.

With Project Spark, players will have a powerful canvas in their hands.

mcstorm1585d ago

I agree I cant wait for this game. Looks like it will be really fun. I had a blast with LBP 1 and 2 but the Vita version felt more of the same so this looks a nice change to this type of game look forward to playing it.

3-4-51585d ago

Can't wait to tinker around and get creative on PC.

The thing the XB1 version does have though is the camera sensor allowing you to give movement and animation to random NPC's and such.

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Fishy Fingers1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Impossible. Everyone knows the XB1 can't render at 1080....

Really interested to see what it's capable of. LBP was good but 99% of the UGC was the same.

Studio-YaMi1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

You probably need to take the "wait and see" approach before boasting about it,you don't know what will happen.

Besides,last time I checked,Project Spark graphics wasn't anything special,the game in itself though? it's pretty special and will spark great ideas for level & game makers.

"LBP was good but 99% of the UGC was the same."
No it wasn't,I can bring you around 50 youtube videos of LBP2 levels that are different in content and way of playing,just because you like Project Spark(which I find really interesting & would love to see it in action with UGC) that doesn't mean you need to downplay LBP,the LBP franchise is amazing on it's own merit.

Fishy Fingers1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Boasting? I'm being ironic concerning all the recent "xbone can't do 1080" comment, thought that was obvious. No? I don't even own an XB1 (yet), if good I'll get this on PC.

How am I downplaying LBP? By calling it good? Sensitive aren't we. In my experience LBP was 99% 3 plane platformers/races (shall I bring you 5000 YouTube videos?). The odd FPS or even RTS but they were extremely rare and usually getting the application to work superseded the need to make them fun.

LBP was in of my favourite PS3 IPs, in fact of last gen as a whole, doesn't mean I can't be objective about it. You should try it.

Aces171585d ago

They just keep pushing it back. Still not even an actual date either...

SniperControl1585d ago

Should be interesting to see both this and Little Big Planet 3, looking forward to both.

Galletto31585d ago

Although the world building elements sound similar on paper, they feel nothing alike from experience.

I guess you could say LBP games are more nuanced, while PS is a more macro creation

Studio-YaMi1585d ago

That's a pretty interesting way of putting it,I see that you played the beta on PC,seems that the game is gonna be a blast,great news!

JokesOnYou1585d ago

Nice description. I've never really got into this sort of experience but I'm really interested in PS.....I'm pleasantly surprised micro is making such a major game asset free.

KakashiHotake1585d ago

Any word on the PC release date?

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