Another Big Month for Sony Game Console

NY Times "March can’t come soon enough for Microsoft. That’s when the game Titanfall will come out exclusively for the company’s Xbox game consoles and PCs running Windows. Titanfall also looks as if it might be the closest and best opportunity Microsoft has to keep Sony‘s PlayStation 4 from completely outpacing the Xbox One in sales."

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Why o why1562d ago

Memo to all......

Dont give usain bolt a head start

Seems a lot of peoples hopes are on titanfall. No doubt it will sell well but what happens after that spike.

dedicatedtogamers1562d ago

Exactly. People are pinning their hopes on Titanfall as if it will make the consoles fly off the shelves, but what happens when it doesn't? Heaven forbid, what happens if/when PS4 outsells X1 in NA in march, despite Titanfall? What will be the excuse then?

IanVanCheese1562d ago

What does it matter? To either side of this pointless argument? Just go play on your games console and stop trying to convince yourself you bought the right one.

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Eonjay1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

After reading this article and seeing Yusuf Mehdi's own comment, I can see why people are putting so much focus on Titanfall. Its still not fair. Why put so much pressure on one game.

If it helps then great. But don't blame this game if it doesn't. The PS4 is selling on its own merit. I don't like it when people act like they aren't in control of their own performance.

Respawn is responsible for making Titanfall a success and Microsoft is responsible for making the Xbox a success.

its_JEFF1562d ago


but it does matter, we NEED x-box to be competitive with playstation. We need there to be competition. only a FOOL would want one of these consoles to completely dominate the other... a FOOL, actually a FANBOY, who doesn't know what market domination and lack of competition does to an industry.

Charybdis1562d ago

Titanfall will help with the xb1 sales. It won't have a big impact as halo combat evolved but it will help.

With infamous also launching in march It will also help sony and I hope more people are willing to give infamous a try cause previous one was just awesome.

amiga-man1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

M$ policies coming back to bite them in the ass, to make matters worse they are selling the less powerful console for a higher price, I don't know who is making the decisions at M$ but they need firing,

it's going to take a lot more than titanfall to turns things around.

SoapShoes1562d ago

I don't think TitanFall will have much of an impact for several reasons. The biggest being, it's cross-gen AND on PC. Buying an X1 for Titanfall is like buying a PS4 for MLB The Show. While it's nice for those who already own one, graphics aren't a big enough reason to upgrade for one title.

Why are people's hopes on Titanfall? It's simple, the X1 doesn't have anything else noteworthy coming out in the near future. That's not to bash the system, it's just a fact.

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Mikelarry1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

"Respawn is responsible for making Titanfall a success and Microsoft is responsible for making the Xbox a success."

Great comment Eonjay, i couldnt have said it any better

lolCHILLbro1562d ago

Halo 5? Quantum Break? Project Spark? maybe people are looking forward to those?

Eonjay1562d ago

Quantum Break is a game I'm actually interested in. I'm such a geek for this kind of stuff. I think this game is due out around Christmas.

The real problem with xbox one is that it is overly dependant on exclusive games. PS4 is obviously the choice for multiplatform titles for the foreseeable future... multiplats outnumber exclusive titles 10 to 1. This puts unrealistic pressure on their exclusive lineup to carry the system.

ThePandaMaster1562d ago

Halo 5 seems unlikey to be coming this year.

Quantum Break will probably be good, but I don't think Project Spark will do much for the x1.

Magicite1562d ago

PS4 will become definitive console for multiplats this gen. X1 and WiiU can rely only on exclusives?
Does this sound too fanboyish, yeah I guess, but then again, isnt it true already?

cyber_daemonx1562d ago

If after the amount of hype, Titanfall doesn't deliver, I can't see how Quantum Break or Project Spark are gonna make any difference.

pupa1562d ago

On the right console or PC YES else no. No interest!

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Gamer19821562d ago

The sad thing for MS is most users getting titanfall for there 360s and sticking with there ps4s.. That was a steep price they paid to get it exclusive to xbone they had to have it backwards compatible to which is gonna kill there sales.. Not to mention pc sales. You can play the game on a £250 PC..

cyber_daemonx1562d ago

You could get a 360 for 100 bucks and play it on that lol. M$ should have bought the franchise and made it an xbone exclusive.

mediate-this1562d ago

Tf has more preorders on bone then pc n 360 combined, plus selling software is amazing regardless the platform micro will make money from tf.

pyramidshead1562d ago

I don't think it's down to speed at all. I think it just goes to show which company was prepared for next gen and which one wasn't. From hardware & games down to overall messaging and marketing campaigns. Sony clearly wasn't going to be having another PS3 fiasco.

They scored big and I'm happy for them. Toppling the King clearly makes him more thirsty for the thrown!

otherZinc1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

@Why o why,

Halo will arrive on XBOX ONE, that's what's next.

One of these days PS4 owners will realize they only have Knack, Killzone, & Infamous. While XBOX ONE owners will have Ryse, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, TitanFall, Project Spark, & Kinect Sports Rivals.

Good luck with that.

March 11th!!!

Minato-Namikaze1562d ago

Driveclub, deepdown, the order, and uncharted don't count? What about resogun, outlast, contrast, sound shapes, and flower.

dcj05241562d ago

You do realize that more ps4 exclusives come out too right?

DanteVFenris6661562d ago

You mean we will have dc universe online, Everquest next, planet side 2, kill zone, gurilla games new ip, a game by Santa Monica, uncharted, a game made by naughty dogs second studio, a game made by media molecule, indie exclusives like outlast and octodad, the order, driveclub, infamous. I think I'll be able to not get an xbox 1.

Plus I absolutely hate fps, the last well made one was far cry 3, Titan fall looks like a cod, one of my most hated franchises. I wish the hype for these generic games would die down. The only good dps I see that's coming is destiny. And I'm not just saying this cause I'm a fanboy, I didn't like kill zone either, it was fun but hasn't keep me entertained like dcuo has. I can play that game for months with all it's content

Hicken1562d ago

You're so right, otherZinc, and not an Xbox fanboy at all.

After inFamous, the PS4 won't get ANY more games, so Halo is all the XB1 will need. Sony canceled Uncharted and Drive Club. There's no more Thief. The Order got canned. Gran Turismo has been shelved. Quantic Dream and Media Molecule closed up shop. There'll be no more God of War. MLB The Show is skipping this year and every year from now on.

We won't be getting ANY of those between you getting Titanfall and Halo, whenever it comes out. And we won't be getting anything after.

Just Knack, Killzone, and inFamous...

... how do you function?

SheenuTheLegend1562d ago

lol kinect sports..
the train stop at station kid not on bus stand

Letthewookiewin1562d ago

Don't play fighting games, don't play racers, Ryse is crap, Dead Riseing 3 is shallow, Project Spark?, and burn anything to do with kinect. And Titanfall looks like crap. And people wonder why the PS4 is out selling 2:1.

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reaperofsouls1562d ago

People wanting titanfail on the bone will already own one so i can't see it shifting to many of them dusty xbones from the shelf

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skydragoonity1562d ago

There's no way a more expensive system with less power will sell more than a less expensive system with more power. The world doesn't work like that

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arkard1562d ago

I thought x1 already has Sony beat in the games department? They think Titanfall is going to magically make x1 sell like crazy?

dale11562d ago

titan fall is on pc most core players will go with that mostly due to the frame drops on x1 it has big issues when it gets busy in game

DarkLord10031562d ago

I wonder if there will be seperated X1 and PC reviews.

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