First North American Trailer Released for Demon Gaze

Hardcore Gamer: After confirming its North American/European release today, NISA has released the first trailer for Demon Gaze.

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LogicLee1616d ago

Can't wait to start Gazin' at dem Demons yo. What's with all these new JRPGs though? NIS went North America release happy.

ChaosKnight1616d ago

Yeah man I got to say out of all of the NIS games revealed today, this one interests me the least.

3-4-51615d ago

This game looks pretty good.

Not really into first person views in RPG's, but I'd deal with that for the beautiful art style & character creation.

leahcim1616d ago


jegheist20141616d ago

thas how it is u have jack crap form otnths sometime years u get flood of jrpgs no money buy them all

ChaosKnight1615d ago

Yeah I sorta wish NISA would spread these out more...

rainslacker1615d ago

5 of the last 6 months has been a bunch of JRPG goodiness. It's almost like the old days of the PS2. This month is crazy for JRPG's, and next month is even more. Particularly true if you own PS3, Vita, and 3DS. My backlog is never going to go away.:)

StockpileTom1616d ago

Those voices are just... I do hope this is dual audio...

Chaos_Raiden1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Good day for JRPG fans, with Fairy Fencer F, Danganronpa 2, and Battle Princess of Arcadia's English version announcements.