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Most downloadable content plays it safe with plot and characters, sticking to side stories or cut material from the main game. It wouldn't have been surprising if Left Behind followed this pattern, but it would have been an especially egregious mistake for developer Naughty Dog. Regardless of other issues I had with it, The Last of Us certainly tried to say something, to find meaning in its violence and chaos and quiet moments.

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pedrof931617d ago

An 8 ?!

That means that normal reviwers will give it a what ? An 11 ?

MrSwankSinatra1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

everyone is giving it 8-9's and while i think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, polygon will always and forever be full of shit when it comes to rating playstation games. which i can understand since microsoft funded the creation of the site to begin with so being biased is expected. an the few high scores they do give to playstation games is just a weak attempts to shake the whole " Biased label" gamers have given them.

cleft51616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I find it more weird that the dlc got a better score from Polygon than the actual game itself. Polygon gave The Last of Us a 7.5, I guess that means that the dlc is better than the actual game. At least by Polygon's estimation.

Mr Pumblechook1616d ago

I really wish some real investigative journalism was done to reveal the details of the Microsoft and Polygon business relationship.

ArchangelMike1616d ago

So basically, Poygon are saying that the Left Behind DLC is better than the full game? You see how their bias comes round to bite them in the ass? The game has won more GOTY awards than any other game in history. Too late to try an save face now Polygon!!!

yewles11617d ago

LOL!!! Same reviewer rates the DLC HIGHER than the game. XD

Studio-YaMi1617d ago

Shows how biased that website is,they were dropped out of my list the day they downplayed the Last of Us & Dragon's crown.

They don't deserve to rate playstation games tbh or any artistic or deep game on any other console.

Septic1616d ago

Haha. Says it all really.

My_precious1617d ago

i think it should be 7.5, did polygon broke?

Conzul1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I just read their review and they still hate the combat and the enemies. They just HATE that there is a type of enemy that can one-hit kill you. He doesn't even bother to hide that he sucked at the combat sequences.

Basically, the review reads just like their original TLOU review:
"Why do I keep dying? Why isn't the combat easy?? whhhhyyyyy???

Happy St.Valentines Day, everyone! <3 =P

NarooN1617d ago

Pardon my French, but I'm sick of all these PUSSY gamers nowadays. Who remembers the old-school Nintendo days when just about every game in existence was hard as hell? There's even a term that was coined later on, "Nintendo Hard", which gets applied to some games today to describe that brutal old-school difficulty where you either get good or you get pwned.

Scrubs today just want all the games to hold their hands. If you can't handle the heat, turn the difficulty down to "Little Bitch" or GTFO!

Also, Happy Valentines Day to you all as well <3

ABizzel11617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I read that too, and I see why he gave the game a low score. He sucks at it, PERIOD.

How can you complain about an instant kill if your character is a human and gets bitten by what is pretty much a zombie? This isn't a game where green herbs, or a health kit can save you from what's suppose to be a leathal virus, and unlike the cop out other games use, your character isn't immune to it.

"Joel can't take much damage from enemies, which isn't such a big deal when you're sneaking past them without incident. But at increasingly frequent points in the narrative, I had to buckle down and deal with the messy gunplay and repeated checkpoint restarts."

The problem is you. Joel isn't super soldier #3134193. He's a normal man / father / everyday person trying to survive in the apocalypse. If you find you're dying a lot, then build his health up, if you suck at shooting and want better aim, then build his sway skill up. That's what those options are for. People are so spoiled by auto aim, and aim assist from COD, and other games, that when you really have to try to aim it ends up being "sloppy mechanics" to "some gamers". No, the mechanics are just going back to how they should be......about skill, and learning to adopt and master the controls.

"Many of the situations play out more like puzzles. In one, I tricked a group of bandits into fighting with some infected to thin out their ranks. When the fighting stopped and only one bandit remained alive, I was able to sneak in from behind and finish him off. The solutions were always clear and within easy reach, but I still enjoyed putting them into play."

Once again you sucked at the game, and you wanted something easy. Have several seats, in a stadium. Your gamer card needs to be revoked if you think TLoU is hard. What have you been playing all this time?

Hicken1617d ago

Nope. Don't care if they give something Sony-related a good score. They're still crap. They're still biased. And they still need to be banned.

theDECAY1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I actually agree. I usually give a fair assessment to everyone and try to find the reasonable in everything, but I hate this site. I was actually expecting it to be worse, but I hate Polygon.

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