Gaming Trend | The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

Gaming Trend Editor David Roberts writes: "Left Behind could have been terrible — an unnecessary coda to a story that already had a fitting end. Instead, we get a touching narrative that explores some key moments in Ellie’s growth as a character. And while Left Behind doesn’t necessarily need to exist, any excuse to step back into this bleak wasteland and explore these wonderful characters further is a welcome one."

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GribbleGrunger1586d ago

I am so annoyed with Sony at the moment. I've now downloaded and installed both the DLC and patch twice and it still just takes me to the online store instead of launching the DLC. This is not acceptable.

Knightshade1585d ago

That's really odd. Gah, I'd hate to even suggest it, but reinstall the whole thing?

GribbleGrunger1585d ago

I had to buy it again. I looked at my account and it said 0 paid and the status was cancelled. How the hell I'd managed to download it twice though, I have no idea. I hope I've not paid twice.