IGN: The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

The Last of Us is easily one of the best games of PlayStation 3’s generation – if not the best game, period – so any excuse to jump back into its expertly realized world is most welcome. With Left Behind, developer Naughty Dog’s only single-player DLC for The Last of Us, we get to do just that. Squeezing out just a few more precious hours of exploration in its post-pandemic, post-apocalyptic United States includes both enlightening story reveals and an interesting new take on combat.

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vishmarx1736d ago

amazing yet slightly overrated.
offcourse you disagree

Riderz13371736d ago

Clearly we do, as you haven't played the DLC yet and already calling it "overrated". It just came out on PS Store 10 minutes ago.

If you're going to troll, at least put some effort into it =/.

vishmarx1736d ago

lovely how butthurt people get over opinions.
immature fanbase.
meant i believe the game is amazing,i myself beat it it twice ,you can check my trophies
but its not as perfect as deemed to be.
the barebone gameplay is there for everyone to see.

Riderz13371736d ago

Your opinion is that you hate this DLC...Even though you haven't played it!

And then you have the audacity to call us immature? Get out of here buddy.

scott1821736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

How do you have an opinion of something you haven't played! I swear people just want to get a rise out of others. The popular thing is to call TLoU over rated now on every article about it.

JaredH1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

When you say your opinion like it's a fact that absolutely every agrees with you deserve to have disagrees. Not everyone thinks the gameplay is "barebones" either, like myself. But I guess I can't see according to you.

And you're trolling in the sense that you're talking about the original game when this is a review for the DLC. I agree with you just in the sense that I don't think any game can be perfect but who are you to try and say other people's opinions are wrong, or overrated?

aPerson1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

You have every right to think the main game is overrated. But to say the DLC, which was released less than an hour ago is overrated? You're gonna raise a few eyebrows...

Kryptix1736d ago

The problem with your opinion is that you made it look like it's the only opinion that matters.

"offcourse you disagree"

I understand opinions but when a game is given countless and countless of awards then you really are the minority that thinks it's overrated. Then follows the long line of disagrees, nobody's butthurt. They just don't agree with logical reasoning.

medman1736d ago

Your head is barebone.

schlanz1736d ago

There is no point to saying a popular and successful game is overrated other than to incite malcontent from the game's fans.

You could just leave it at "amazing game."

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Transporter471736d ago

Why is this overrated? Naughty Dog pour their heart out to make this game, you can tell how far they push the PS3 to its limits. Now just because you don't like it just makes you the minority its okay, why keep calling something overrated when its only overrated on your eyes? If you don't like just let it be move on.


Here is a taste of your own medecine OVERRATED IS RYSE as if is the best game ever and is nooooottt....

Thatguy-3101736d ago

The storytelling achieved in the Dlc is simply astonishing! The little and simple things that Ellie and Riley do together are the highlight. My fear of wanting more from Ellie's character has overcome me. She is literally one of the most fleshed out characters in a video game. Want to talk about so many spoilers but I'll just wait until more people spend time with the DLC. Let's prepare ourselves for weeks of discussions of what happened in this DLC like we did when the Last of Us came out lol

strigoi8141736d ago

you just made yourself look funny

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vishmarx1736d ago

im talking about the franchise in the review.
the score is solely based off of the reviewers liking for the game and not how the dlc truely is.
at 15$,it pretty short ,im not surprised but arent most dlc's scrutinized for the same?
the reviewer weighs in on the strong emotional moments for that score.just because its more of the same to a great game doesnt necessarily make it a better dlc.
look at undead nightmare,blood dragon,maybe even citadel.
these are good dlcs.yet this'll mostly score far better than those.thats why -overrated .
opinions ya know.
i loved tlou but im not hyped to play more of the same.especially when i know the whole premise of the dlc already

hulk_bash19871736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

It's all about preference man, while I disagree with your opinion I believe you have the right to it. Just like I have a right to believe TLOU is a remarkable gaming experience that deserves all of the praise it gets. On topic, I've had this preordered since it was announced and I can't to find out more about Ellie's back story.

DarkLord10031736d ago

you went full retard bro - never go full retard...

Riderz13371736d ago

Most DLC are scrutinized because they are short AND suck. Naughty Dog are masters of storytelling, so I'm not surprised people are willing to overlook the length for the simple fact that you are getting an incredibly emotion story in return.

Also, Neil Druckmann already said this DLC will have surprises. Just because you find out what happen to Ellie and Riley from the ending of TLOU, doesn't mean thre can't be surprises left for the developer to put into the game.

Lastly, as I said before, you are judging this DLC WITHOUT even playing it! Hush now. And use some god damn paragraphs -.-

Goro1736d ago

Completely agree, the sad thing is that most people here wouldn't like the game as much if it was also on Xbox.

hulk_bash19871736d ago

A good game is a good game regardless of what platform it's on. If Naughty Dog was Xbox-Only/Multiplat they would still be my favorite Development Studio. It just so happens that they are a Sony Owned Subsidiary.

Goro1736d ago

Maybe not you, but i said "most people".
This article is full of pissed off Sony fanboys because they're losing Kingdom Hearts as an exclusive -

AceBlazer131736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

GTA V is amazing, Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Fallout. All great games and they're are also available on Xbox, so what is the point behind your statement ? Get your fanboy shit out of here.

What the hell does that KH article have to do with your point? No where in there did people discredit the quality of the game.

Salooh1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I love gears / alan wake and quantum break. Im against ms for having a bad experience with their console not the great games. No gamer would hate good games. So if this was on x1 I would love it the same.

Im over the hate. Im just being cautious. I dont want to be fooled again.

Studio-YaMi1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

People are pissed of because Kingdom hearts started on playstation 2 and was successful on the playstation console,they don't think the game sucks because it's on XboxOne,this is just regular reaction,even when Final Fantasy was announced on the 360 there were similar reactions.

So you're getting things mixed up,Sony fans KNOW that the series is good & the trailer that they showed was actually amazing.

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PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1736d ago

PS3 ended last gen with a bang with this game. I don't care what all these haters have to say. They obviously xbot fanboys who are mad they didn't have a game as great as this one cause every Sony gamer knows how much they enjoyed this masterpiece on their ps3. You can't hate on a game with 100 plus goty awards. That says alot

Conzul1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Well, you can't hate on it and be *right*.
Opinions are like ***holes. Everyone has one...

OT: It's odd that Colin thinks the combat was "forced".
This is a survival/horror genre, is it not? What value is there in enjoying the humanity of Ellie and Riley unless there is a medium for them to perish?

konnerbllb1736d ago

As an Xbox gamer last gen I bought a ps3 specifically for tlou. It was worth it. Best game of last gen hands down.

CPTN MITCHELL1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

@ Ps3 cool avatar bro....

izumo_lee1736d ago

Love the different dynamics of the game. Although a lot of it is very familiar the idea of being able to get both the infected & humans go at each other is a genius game mechanic.

Ellie & Riley are both lovable characters & their conversations in the game are bitter sweet knowing what will happen when all is said and done. If you liked the puns in the original you'll love them more in this!

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