New Playable Character Revealed In Latest Bayonetta 2 Announcement

The original Bayonetta was probably one of my guiltiest pleasures of the last video game generation, so when Nintendo stepped in to save development of Bayonetta 2, I was elated. Since then, particulars about the sequel have been sparse at best. Today’s Nintendo Direct served to satiate the gnawing hunger I had for more information, and it delivered in spades.

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maniacmayhem1586d ago

Dear Platinum games,

I love you.

- maniacmayhem

MadeForGaming1586d ago

Can't wait for this game too :)

m2stech1586d ago ShowReplies(4)
zerocrossing1586d ago

Not gonna lie, Bayonetta 2 might be the game I buy the Wii U for.

skydragoonity1586d ago

This game is one of the reasons i want a wii u, but will get one when zelda is out

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