Nippon Ichi Software Says They are Working on a PS4 Game

oprainfall writes:

"Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) have announced they are developing a new game for the PlayStation 4. This announcement came at their press event tonight and more details will be shared this September at the Tokyo Game Show."

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maniacmayhem1588d ago

Lets get a Disgaea that brings together ALL the main characters from every entry into one single game!

izumo_lee1588d ago

They do it's called DLC ^_^!

Seriously i can't imagine how crazy a Disgaea game will be like on the PS4. Hopefully they keep the sprites but give it even higher res, or they can do 3D models for the very first time.

maniacmayhem1588d ago

HA, I mean a full on story, not just extra characters in your army.

I would love full on 3D models that could change and do more animations. I would love for it to look like the new Guilty Gear Xrd coming out.

kazuma9991588d ago


ShinnokDrako1588d ago

Great, more exclusive games for my PS4!! And from NIS ;))

McScroggz1588d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic.

Hicken1588d ago

I'm optimistically cautious.

elninels1588d ago


I have to agree with on this.

Until it gets officially shown we dont know if its an rpg or one of their softcore pornography story games.

Hanso1588d ago

oh wow
so InFamous
Metal Gear
and now maybe Disgaea 5
cant wait to finally find a ps4 in Germany lol

Studio-YaMi1588d ago

NIS,you just don't disappoint,unlike others! *cough*SEGA*cough* when it comes to localization.

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