The Last of Us: Left Behind—Emotionally Amazing (The Gameheadz Review)

Critically and fan acclaimed The Last of Us returns for a new chapter on Valentine’s Day, and it will be a gripping one. What lies in store for Ellie this time?

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morganfell1466d ago

You can download it now on US PSN. It says Unavailable but if you click on it you can download it. It's 5.2GB. I have the season past so I do not know what the retail cost is on it but I am almost through pulling it down.

Riderz13371467d ago

Wow. Naughty dog got the game of the generation with TLOU, now they are also releasing the DLC of the generation?

Truly Naughty Gods.

Thatguy-3101467d ago

GOTY 2014 lol /s
Not the type that buys DLC but I'm willing to go for this one since I freaking love Ellie. ND knows how to create stories with amazing and intriguing characters. Can't wait to get my hands on it. My only fear is me craving for more epicness from the characters in that universe.

Snappy1466d ago

Nothing worst than downloading it then realising it's time to go to work. Damn

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