Titanfall Xbox One Controller Easter Eggs

Gamertag Radio writes: "Hot on the heels of the most anticipated game of 2014, the limited edition Titanfall controller is chock full of Easter Eggs as well. Its no surprise that former Infinity Ward employees came over to Respawn shortly after the Activision split and its refreshing to see their behind the scenes artists getting some shine for their hard work and dedication."

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Neoninja1615d ago

Cool little easter eggs there. I can't help but think of Half Life when I see the controller for some reason. It must be the orange that's in it.

Galletto31614d ago

Yea if it was yellow it could def be a Cerberus controller.

Somehow the orange doesnt stick out in my mind as Titanfall, but it is eye catching at first glance, which is what I think they were going for.

hulk_bash19871614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Why Microsoft didn't release a Titanfall Xbox One Bundle with the controller's design is beyond me. I would have had mine pre-ordered in a heartbeat. But now I will have to wait till they release the White Xbox One to make the jump.

HammerKong1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

i've get it and its is a sexy piece of periferal but easter egg in a controller that is odd ,i think it is something related to story side of the game as we know there is a story which can only be played as multiplayer ,it should be about atitan as this remode is also inspired by a titan which we have never seen but will see in few days .cant wait for this game ,but march 11th is realy far away ,how can i get there?

KakashiHotake1614d ago

I wish these controllers were enabled for PC, I would certainly buy one.