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NPD January: Wii U Software Sales Up 26% Over Last Year; Pokemon X/Y Sells 125K

Nintendo improves their numbers in January 2014 over January 2013. (3DS, Nintendo, Pokemon X and Y, Wii U)

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TheBurger29  +   220d ago
Why dont they bring Pokemon to the wii u?
SirNintend0  +   220d ago
Good question!
Alex_Boro  +   220d ago
Nintendo obviously wants no one to get the wii u
Metallox  +   220d ago
EA, Activision and Square Enix definitely should have released one for home consoles decades ago.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   220d ago
You mean an official Pokemon game?
Because they want to keep their handhelds selling strongly, and the install base for 3DS is decidedly larger than for Wii U, so that's where the sales are.

But fear not!

GBA and DS Pokemon games are going to be a possibility, if not a reality, on the Wii U in short order.
Let those increase the number of Pokemon fans on the Wii U, and there's a decent chance they might do an official Pokemon game for the Wii U in the future...
DryBoneKoopa85  +   220d ago
Your comment just got me EXTREAMLY excited for the future of GBA games on Wii U. I'm buying all the tittles they showed in the trailer.
DarkLord1003  +   220d ago
I'm going to buy a Wii U when Mario Kart 8 comes out.
R00bot  +   220d ago
I already bought a Wii U for Mario Kart 8. And Smash Bros.. And X. And Zelda.
Emme  +   220d ago
And Metroid :D
R00bot  +   220d ago
Damn, how could I forget Metroid? Hopefully we get one sooner rather than later, though. Don't wanna wait for that next-gen Metroid.
kazuma999  +   220d ago
I bought it for monster hunter 3 ultimate :O now I see 4 coming to 3ds? :O BETTER MAKE IT FOR WII U ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!! Also X looks amazing since Im a mecha fan :3
neocores  +   220d ago
Can somone give me a link to the NPD numbers so i can look at all them plz?
crusf  +   220d ago
Positive Nintendo news Finally. I'm sure IGN and other sites will completely forget about this news.
Parapraxis  +   220d ago
"Positive Nintendo news Finally."

LOL, software sales on WiiU were abysmal in Jan 2013, the Jan 2014 sales are nothing to brag about.
crusf  +   220d ago
Better than nothing Parapraxis,Better then nothing. Stop looking at the negetive side of everything.
R00bot  +   220d ago
But it's still an improvement, meaning it's positive news.
Don't try to spin it.
11eleven11  +   220d ago
Nintendo quietly sold about 13 million retail units of their own titles for the wii u. That's not counting the eshop of which we have no idea, but we can safely guess at least 15-20% more. That would be pretty good overall. The upcoming titles will easily double that number. Third parties are obviously underperforming, and need to adjust if they want a piece of cake. The cake is definitely there. I hope the indies can get some.
Metallox  +   220d ago
I thought the Wii U would perform even worse than last year, but well, that's better than nothing.
jakemail  +   220d ago
The article says the Wii U sales are up 16%. Might want to edit that.
Metallox  +   220d ago
16% for hardware. Yeahhh

Now that you mention it, I'm not sure where did they get the 16% stuff.
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jakemail  +   220d ago
Oh, I see it now
videgamenext1  +   220d ago
2014 is the year to own a wiiu i feel like 2015 will be the most epic wiiu line up honestly.
Kevlar009  +   220d ago
That's like a 2 year old saying "you know what, I think this year will be better than the last"

Not much to compare it to
Hicken  +   220d ago
To be frank, that's not enough of an increase. Wasn't it around this time last year(I may be a month or two off) that the Wii U was breaking records for LOWEST sales? The system needs to see increases in the hundreds of percents, not the twenties.

I mean, it's doing better, and I'm glad for that. But there's got to be some concern about it doing numbers that are too close to what it did last year.
Parapraxis  +   220d ago
To be Molly, 26% better than dead, is still pretty much dead.
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Unreal01  +   220d ago
I see what you did Molly.
DanManDantheMan  +   220d ago
No it, was not. It was during Q2 2013.

The highest sales last year were around this time. So this is good news.
AdmiralSnake  +   220d ago
Good Job Nintendo.
n4gusername  +   220d ago
WiiU pokemon mmo utilizing the controller...selling characters like skylanders. Watch the money roll in.

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