Mario Kart 8 screenshots

Nintendo has released a bunch of beautiful new screenshots and art from Mario Kart 8.

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Bigpappy1283d ago

This could be a wii-u seller. Always fun to play.

mikel10151283d ago

If it's native 1080p, I wonder why they post 720p pics :/ It's just weird to me

Qrphe1283d ago

Because it's not 1080p. Screenshots clearly show a 720p build given the pixel size else we'd see downsampling.

crusf1283d ago

*Prior to Mario Kart 8* "Nintendo is Nintendoom nothing can save them its time to move on fanboys!" *Game comes out sells a hefty amount of Wii U consoles* "Nintendo is still for little kids." *Nintendo announces mature next gen Metroid game* "I always knew nintendo would come back they always do:D Agrees plz."

paul-p19881283d ago

All of the games so far that are meant to sell "Millions" of Wii U's have failed to do so. Tbh, i can't see this doing it either. To me the pictures look far too similar to the Wii version, if it doesn't differentiate itself from that then there is even less reason to buy it.

Kennytaur1283d ago

Yes let's close our eyes to the new verticality of stage design, the gliders and underwater sections from 7, what looks like the item holding from Double Dash and the eyegasm HD visuals. And that's just the big and obvious stuff.

I can't wait to play this game.

browngamer411283d ago

I would suggest seeing an optometrist ASAP, I fear your vision may be going..

DC7771283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

This is the only game coming out so as good as it is its not good enough to get wii u our of the toilet. But apparently that's OK with Nintendo selling 20k units a week. Maybe they'll crack 6 mil by 2015. Stay tuned.

thezeldadoth1282d ago

have fun with your next gritty over the shoulder shooter

g-nome1283d ago

Looking forward to this.

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