10 of the most memorable video-game romances

Yup, it’s Valentine’s day. Love is in the air, restaurant reservations are being made, heart-shaped gifts are exchanged, and cards are being sent. Yet if you’re left without a date on this particular day, don’t worry too much, we have you covered. We’re bringing you a bit of a Valentine’s by bringing together some of the most memorable romances in video games. Oh, and don’t feel blue, there’s no love greater than a gamer's love for quality games!

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Lord_Sloth1618d ago

Hakumen and Tsubaki's scene was always a touching 1. Surprised Link and Zelda didn't make the list actually. Especially in Skyward Sword.

s45gr321618d ago

I am more surprised "to the moon" didn't make the list. One of the best romantic games out there and the lives of John and River showed a true love relationship never seen in gaming