Titanfall Beta: Impressions & 3 Gameplay Videos

Kevin of GoodGameBro writes, "I was lucky enough to get a Titanfall beta code this morning for Xbox One. I have played the beta a lot today and here are my impressions and a couple of gameplay videos."

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windblowsagain1435d ago

The action looks decent and fluid, the neck break looked silly. It's not that easily done. Like his neck was made of twigs.

TRD4L1fe1435d ago

You must've broken many necks in your days huh lol

Retard1435d ago


I get the nostalgic feeling of running around as a Big Daddy once again

Deadmonkey761435d ago

Actually it doesn't take much to have your neck broken.

VENOMACR12271435d ago

Right because since the majority of the game is a simulation shooter (getting into mechs, jump packs, and made up weapons) neck breaking is the most unrealistic thing lol (sarcasm)

Nodoze1435d ago

It looked empty. One of the cool things about cod was the number of people running and gunning.

So there were 3 titans and a few soldiers, but overall seemed empty.

Kevin263851435d ago

It doesn't seem empty while playing. This was the first multiplayer game in a long time that I just sat in front of my TV and was blown away with the consistent amount of action.

TheFallenAngel1435d ago

I was blown away on how easy I got titans with just killing bots. It feels like there's more bots than players. I played it about 30 mins left it alone. Extremely disappointed

PsylentKiller1435d ago

It looks hectic. People complain about the 6v6, and they may have a point But they're missing something. It's not just 6v6, there's bots to fill the empty space. Also, when the Titans come in, there can appear to be more than 6v6 when the Titans are on autopilot. With all Titans in play with the pilots running about, there can be what seems like 12v12. 6 pilots and 6 Titans per team. This may be the reason why they decided on 6v6.

Deividas1435d ago

Ah exactly what im afraid of. I watched all the videos so far that I can find and everyone of them has one fatal flaw...the grunts AI is terrible. Ive seen people run infront of them, then realize its a bad guy, turn around and shoot them before they even realized. Most people seemed to do really get good scores cause they get a lot of grunt kills. Hopefully Ill get in the beta soon and find out for myself.

Or, they could have just figured out a different system for how the Titans are distributed to not make it so eveyone will have at least 2 or 3 in each match....and could have upped the player count.

3-4-51435d ago

which allows you to use tactics and a bit of strategy instead of just spamming the trigger.

COD type games need slightly bigger maps like this.

Should hopefully eliminate spawn deaths

the worst1435d ago

thanks to everybody that streamed this game
y'all saved myself $500 plus dollars.
this has to be the most overrated and over hyped game in

curtis921435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

tends to happen when it's one of the very few glimpses of success a system has in it's future.

3-4-51435d ago

You realize you could buy in on PC too right?